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Other popular types of External Enclosures include; Bollards, Fencing and Railings.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Barrier Operators include; Finish(es), Colour(s) and Height.

Broughton 420 Rising Arm Barrier

The Heras Broughton 420 Rising Arm Barriers has the added benefit of a very strong, full height anti-pedestrian skirt both above and below the barrier arm. The skirts can be fitted along the full length without any gaps thanks to the side mounted arm, provi...

Broughton 410 Automated Rising Arm Barrier

The Broughton 410 Rising Arm Barrier is ideal for the use with HGV’s, arm lengths of up to 9m as standard, and a range of heavy duty options including raised ‘apex’ traffic signs make this system the ideal solution for HGV traffic management. Multi-la...

Crash Tested Shallow Depth Road Blocker - CSG 10506

Cova Security Gates
The CSG 10506 Shallow Mount Road Blocker, having been crash tested in 2005, is now protecting not only national critical infrastructure, but global critical infrastructure, including HSBC Istanbul, as a direct result of their terrorist attack in 2003. The CSG...


Zaun Limited
The Terror Stopper PAS 68 Compact Barrier is a drop arm Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) barrier. Similar to a standard car park barrier but successfully impact tested to PAS 68 specification. Hydraulically driven for reliability and strength, the Terror Stop...

Broughton 942 Crash tested Barrier PAS 68

The enhanced Broughton 942 Barrier is a heavy-duty vandal resistant dual beam vehicle barrier which has been Crash Tested with a 6 metre beam to PAS68:2010 V/[N2]7500/48/90:0.0/7.9 criteria and incorporates our new “BIT” vehicle restraint technology. Fo...


Zaun Limited
Zaun’s MRA PAS 68 Crash Rated Manual Barrier, specifically designed to be incorporated into our range of perimeter protection systems. Our selection of crash rated manual barriers offers a range of barriers designed to combat differing speeds and vehicle ...


Zaun Limited
The Terror Stopper PAS 68 Ultimate HVM Barrier is an automatic drop arm barrier. Successfully impact tested against a range of different threats and successfully impact tested to PAS 68, stopping a 7.5 tonne vehicle travelling at 50mph (80kph). On impact the P...

Automatic Rising Arm Up To 9.0m

Newgate (Newark) Ltd
The Heavy Duty Rising Arm Traffic Barrier is perfect for lorry parks, warehouses, freight depots, road and rail bridges. Simple to operate it will withstand the extremes of traffic flow, site and weather conditions.Capable of spanning openings of up to nine m...

Automatic Rising Arm Up To 7.0m

Newgate (Newark) Ltd
The Challenger Rising Arm Car Park Barrier is reliable, sturdy and uncompromising. A popular choice which is quick to install, simple to operate and very cost effective.Manufactured from high quality steel and combining inverter drives and relay logic, the Cha...

Manual Rising Arm Up To 8.5m

Newgate (Newark) Ltd
The Manual Rising Arm Car Park Barrier is an ideal solution for staff parking areas of smaller or larger multi-use, sites.Constructed from heavy duty steel, the Manual Rising Arm Car Park Barrier boasts a sturdy arm to prevent access to un-authorised areas. Lo...
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Did you know that the most common Colour(s) for products within the Barrier Operators category are Red , white and RAL?'


Zaun Limited
The Terror Stopper PAS 68 Manual Crash Barrier, designed and developed as an economical alternative PAS 68 impact tested manual barrier. This Manual Crash Barrier is ideal for location that have frequent vehicle throughput, but still require protection from v...


Zaun Limited
Manual barriers are a low maintenance, cost effective way of manually controlling access to unauthorised areas. Available in spans of up to 9 metres. The low maintenance pivot assembly, manufactured from steel box section. The shaft, zinc coated pivoting on t...


Zaun Limited
The Automatic Rising Arm Barriers or boom gates as they are also known. Typically found at parking facilities, check points and entrances to restricted areas. These heavy duty automatic rising arm barriers are designed as a method for controlling the passage ...

Barriers - Barrier Operators

A1 Shutters Ltd
Traffic Barriers are an ideal way to create a secure manned/unmanned access route for cars and HGV’s A1 Shutters offer a wide range of economical automatic barriers to suit openings from 2 to 7 metres wide. The Automatic car park barrier can be used to cont...


Zaun Limited
Zaun’s garrison swing gates or also known as manual road closers. Inexpensive barriers, designed to close off entrances, which have sufficient room for a horizontal opening and to control infrequent vehicle flow. An easy to operate manual swing gate with an...

Raising Arm Barriers

Alexandra Security Ltd
The manually operated raising arm barrier is used mainly for low use entrances to private car parks and offices, and as a cost effective method of restricting traffic to certain areas. The barrier is lockable by means of a padlock in the raised and the close...

Hydraulic Swing Gate Operators

Door Spring Supplies Co Ltd
FAST is the new articulated transmission arm automation for gates with wings up to 2,3 m/7.5ft for each wing. A new product, which measures up to precise application demands: it can be installed on to relatively small posts and columns (from 20 cm (8”)), and...

Digital - Barrier Operators

THE COMMAND FOR ALL OPERATORS The selectors in the DIGITAL series are devices for local operator control using a customised numerical code. Also available with outdoor 433.92 MHz radio technology with 4 memorisable codes and passwords for access to programmin...

Rising Arm Bridge Barriers

Newgate (Newark) Ltd
Newgate have been supplying Barriers & Wig Wag light systems for use on road and river bridges for over 25 years. Our systems range from just two barriers, one each end of the bridge, to an eight barrier system on dual carriageway bridges. Our heavy duty barri...

Ferni Hydraulic Swing Gate Operators

Door Spring Supplies Co Ltd
A universal solution for gates installed on large posts where the installation of a linear operator is impractical or impossible. ...
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Did you know that the most common Finish(es) for products within the Barrier Operators category are black , paint and RAL?'

Manual Crash Tested Barrier - CSG 10900 Miti-Gate

Cova Security Gates
The Miti-Gate® comprises our patented arrestor system within an aluminium enclosure. The barrier can be hinged or completely removable. Miti-Gate® is designed to be mounted between Cova’s standard range of crash tested bollards, adapted with a hinge and lo...