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Green T.HE

Reducing energy consumption not only reduces the impact on the environment it also has a significant impact on operating costs, providing ongoing benefits throughout the life of the building. The purchase price of the transformer is only a marginal part of the...


Earthmet Ltd is the UK’s leading Earthing & Lightning Material Suppliers. We are also an authority on Substation Earthing and Lightning Protection materials as well as Tubular Busbars, connectors and insulators. We have over 30 years expertise in helping cli...

Phaseo ABT7, ABL6 - Low Voltage Transformers

Schneider Electric
Phaseo is even more compactness and simplicity with 3 transformer offers to respond to every user requirement. New Universal double winding offer, innovative and high performance automation product design. Optimum single winding offer, a generation of proven p...


Our busbar connectors are designed to interface with all associated products including circuit breakers, disconnectors, voltage transformers and sealing ends. Earthmet has in depth knowledge in providing substation busbar connectors up to 145kV and accessorie...

Transformer 12V 60VA 1227

Astro Lighting Ltd
Dimensions H 22.0 W 107.0 D 32.0mm H 22.0 W 107.0 D 32.0mm ...

Transformer 12V 50W 2047

Astro Lighting Ltd
Dimensions H 95.0 W 41.5 D 27.5mm H 95.0 W 41.5 D 27.5mm ...

Custom Range of Open Type Transformers up to 25kVA

Blakley Electrics Ltd
Open type transformers for panel mounting, etc., rated up to 25kVA, single or three phase, made to order. ...

Custom Range of ITU series Insulated Transformers up to 3 kVA

Blakley Electrics Ltd
Portable transformers with a wide range of voltage ratios and ratings up to 3kVA, housed in insulated enclosures, fitted with sockets, MCBs, etc., made to order....

Custom Range of Isolation Transformers for Network Rail and LUL up to 250kVA rating

Blakley Electrics Ltd
A range of double-wound, 1:1 ratio transformers to provide isolation between DNO and traction / signalling earthing systems used within the Rail Industry. Specific transformers are approved by Network Rail, Certificate of Acceptance PA05/04648 refers. For othe...


All of our clamps are bored to suit the busbar diameter and are supplied with Stainless Steel or Galvanized bolts. Brass: C12mm Dia C20mm Dia C25mm Dia C30mm Dia C35mm Dia C38mm Dia C40mm Dia C50mm Dia C63.5mm Dia C76mm Di Aluminium: A40mm Dia A5...
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Did you know that the Height for products within the Transformers / Substations category, can range from 22 mm to 2400 mm and the average is 1182 mm?


We can provide Brown Glazed Porcelain and Silicone Rubber Post Insulators for 33kV, 66kV and 132kV applications to IEC 273 & 168 C4-250 Voltage 33kV Height 560mm Creepage 1320mm Impulse Withstand 250kVp C6-325 Voltage 66kV Height 762mm Creepage 1850mm Impu...

Custom Range of TH Transformers up to 25kVA

Blakley Electrics Ltd
Floor / wall mounting transformers with a wide range of voltage ratios and ratings up to 25kVA, housed in steel enclosures rated up to IP55 with a range of finishes, made to order. ...


Blakley Electrics Ltd
Site Transformer, 400:110V, 10 kVA three-phase, continuously rated, 2 x 32A and 4 x 16A sockets. Fitted with a 32A 400V 5P appliance inlet (fixed plug) enabling the transformer to be supplied via a suitably protected extension lead. Also fitted with a 32A 400V...


Blakley Electrics Ltd
TA series Site Transformer, 10 kVA three-phase, 400:110NE, 4 x 16A & 2 x 32A 110V sockets and 2 x 16A DP MCB / RCDs...


Blakley Electrics Ltd
TA series Site Lighting Transformer, 10 kVA three-phase, 400:110NE, 6 x 16A DP MCB / RCDs...


Blakley Electrics Ltd
PHT series Points Heating Transformer, 10kVA, 230:110EF, AC...