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Other popular types of Water Supplies include; Cold Water Storage Tanks, Water Heaters and Hot Water Storage.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Solar Collector Panels include; Features, Typical Building Type and Area.

Ice store system

Viessmann Ltd
A standard pack comprises one or two ice storage tanks with water capacity of approximately 10 m , and a matching number of solar air absorbers for installation on pitched or flat roofs. The solar air absorbers installed on the roof utilise the heat from ...

Vitosol 300-T

Viessmann Ltd
The Vitosol 300-T SP3B tube collector meets the highest criteria for efficiency and safety. Its exceptionally high solar yield makes it the most powerful collector in the Viessmann range. Its anti-reflective glass vacuum tubes and the use of very high qua...

Vitovolt 200

Viessmann Ltd
An 8.5 m area of photovoltaic cells is sufficient to cover the average power consumption of one person. When building a suitable system, Vitovolt 200 is the powerful photovoltaic module you need, at an attractive price. On-site consumption, feed-in remun...

Vitovolt 300

Viessmann Ltd
Photovoltaic modules with a high yield capacity, uncompromising quality and guaranteed safety The Vitovolt 300 MSBC modules feature a black anodised frame and monocrystalline cells in a particularly dark hue. The result: extraordinary design combined wi...

D5 - Solar Collector Panels

Lowara UK
The Ecocirc D5 pumps can be used wherever a highly efficient circulation pump is needed without a direct connection to AC power. They are characterised by their small size, high efficiency and very low power consumption. The shaftless spherical motor technolog...

Sunpower - Solar Collector Panels

The world's most powerful solar panel, SunPower® uses more sun and generates more electricity than conventional solar panels - converting 22% of the sunlight that strikes it into electricity. As official SunPower® partners in the UK, ICB can help you get the...

Easy Solar System for Slates

Overall size of Easy solar slate, mm: 1500 x 600 Overall solar panel size, mm: 1470 x 190 Solar panel area, m2: 0.285 Panel structure: 9x mono chrystaline cells Panel output, watt: 38 Panel per m2: 3.5 Output per m2: 133...

Easy Solar System for Flat Tiles

Overall size of Easy solar slate, mm: 830 x 450 Overall solar panel size, mm: 830 x 334 Solar panel area, m2: 0.277 Panel structure: 10x mono chrystaline cells Panel output, watt: 42.2 Panel per m2: 3.44 Output per m2: 145...

Solar Thermals

Arctic Glass UK Ltd
Our solar hot water systems are simple but highly effective, comprising of panels, known as collectors, that harness energy from light. Because it collects energy from light, rather than heat, the system works not only in the height of summer but also on the c...

Solar Thermal

Black Isle Renewables Ltd
A solar water heating system uses solar collectors, usually mounted on a roof, to capture energy from the sun. There are two types of collector: flat plate and vacuum tube. With a direct system, the water flowing through the system also comes out of the taps....
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Did you know that the most common Typical Building Type for products within the Solar Collector Panels category are Residential buildings , Commerce and Municipal offices?'

BriggsAmasco Solar Solutions

Briggs Amasco
BriggsAmasco offers products and systems to generate inexpensive green electricity from the sun. Working in partnership with architects, specifiers, contractors and end clients – BriggsAmasco has a range of solutions for flat roof applications. Our roofing...

Radiant Panels for PV Solar Cells

A simple to install heating system with ImmerSUN Controller....