Doors and Doorways are used in almost all structures to allow access, privacy, and security. A door is a movable structure featuring a swinging panel that hangs on hinges. Doors and Doorway are commonly used to block off and allow access to an enclosed space within a property or structure.

Using SpecifiedBy, you can source and compare a wide range of Doors and Doorways that meet your exact specifications. Explore and discover an extensive range of door accessories, door components, shutters, and doors, from some of the UK’s leading manufacturers including Alcoa, Bereco, Cantifix, Duraflex, Fireco, Fullex Locks, Lloyd Worrall, Olsen Doors and Windows, Wandsworth, and Ultraframe UK, amongst many others.

Search and compare systems and solutions such as acoustic doors, fire rated doors, heavy duty doorsets, half glazed single doors, anti burglar bars, external doors, sliding door systems, French patio doors, clean room stainless steel doors, perimeter seals, and more.

SpeedStile BP

Bi-parting wings low height motorized barrier. Exclusive and timeless award winning design. Quiet and smooth in operation, this classic Gunnebo Speed Gate design is available in the BA finish in polyurethane colour finish or with stainless steel cabinets in th...

Gilgen Sectional Overhead Doors

Gilgen Door Systems UK Ltd
Gilgen sectional overhead doors provide safe, reliable access combined with high levels of energy efficiency through thermal properties. Options include high speed operation, glazed vision panels and wicked doors....

Contemporary or Traditional Timber Patio Doors

Where glazing and screens are the focal point of the property the contemporary sliding patio door is the door design of choice with its simple pencil round mouldings and bars. The traditional timber patio door offers the flexibility to create large glazed are...

Gilgen EI30 Fire-Rated Automatic Sliding Door

Gilgen Door Systems UK Ltd
These automatic sliding fire doors offer maximum convenience in day-to-day use, but immediately transform into a reliable fire barrier and emergency exit in the event of fire. With the GILGEN EI30 fire-rated automatic sliding door you get three in one functi...

High Security Double Steel Door (Ultra)

Latham's Steel Security Doorsets Ltd
Our High Security Double Steel Door is available in the widest variety of sizes from 1295mm to 2195mm wide and is suitable for a range of installations. One of the most popular uses for this personnel doors is being installed as a side opening garage door with...

Bi-Folding Trackless Speed Gate - CSG 10605

Cova Security Gates
The 10605 Trackless Speed Gate is the fifth generation of bi-folding gate, designed and manufactured by Cova Security Gates Ltd. This bi fold gate for all intents and purposes is almost the same as its predecessor, the CSG 10604 Trackless Speed Gate, but ins...

1310GLW - Glass Door Lock for Double Doors

Sugatsune Kogyo UK Ltd
This lock is ideal for showcase applications that are using double doors, where you'd like for one lock to lock and open both doors at once. There is the option of either 'Key Alike' or 'Key Different': KD means all the locks can only be opened by a speci...

Hawa Junior 160/B High Quality Sliding System for Large Doors

Lord Lionel
The HAWA-Junior 160/B is a hardware system with top fixed suspension for low headroom applications and for sliding doors with a weight of up to 160 kg Hardly anything can make it easier to handle sliding doors weighing between 120 and 250 kilograms than the...

Insulated Industrial 'W' Type 40mm

OSA Door Parts
Insulation: High density, self-extinguishing CFC-free Polyurethane foam. Inner and outer skins: Pre-painted galvanised steel. Coating: 25 um Polyester or 200 um Plastisol. Internal and External faces Stucco embossed (smooth Leathergrain External face ...

Henderson Evolve Automatic System for Timber and Glass Sliding Doors

Lord Lionel
Low energy Automated sliding system for wooden and glass doors weighing up to 80 Kilograms the track can be wall mounted or fixed to the ceiling. Evolve is the ideal solution to improve mobility access or to add a sophisticated feature to a home or workplace...
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Did you know that the Length for products within the Doors & Doorways category, can range from 0.45 mm to 100000 mm and the average is 1607 mm?

Security Panelled Steel Door (Heavy Duty)

Latham's Steel Security Doorsets Ltd
Our Security Panelled Steel Door features strong impact, acoustic and thermal values. It features our trademark Hooply 19 point locking mechanism (more than any other steel door on the market) and optional UAP 3* Kitemark cylinder upgrade package for added sec...

FH-100K Recessed Pull Handle ('Stay' and 'Return' Type)

Sugatsune Kogyo UK Ltd
AK type : the lever is held in the open position. BK type : the lever is held closed by a spring. Both models have a rubber bumper inside to reduce the noise when closing. Made from Zinc Alloy (ZDC) the body has a nickel finish and the handle has a satin ...

IAC Internal Access Covers

Surespan Limited
Surespan IAC balanced action internal access covers are designed for non-weatherproof applications. The single leaf cover has a patterned tread plate lid, which can incorporate a recess to take vinyl or carpet finish. The frame fits within the aperture. Featu...

TYPE 08 - Education Doorset

Ahmarra Door Solutions Ltd
A range of made-to-order doorsets for schools, colleges, academies and universities. Our doorsets are third-party certified and our many years of experience in this sector, means we can offer expert advice on complex design issues as well as fire and acoust...

Rearshield High Grade Plastic Hinge Side Door Safety Finger Guards

Cardea Solutions (UK) Ltd
Designed to complement the Fingershield door safety finger guard, the Rearshield prevents finger-trapping accidents at the rear of the door. Installing the two in tandem prevents hinge side finger-trapping on both sides of the door. The finger guards scre...

DSI-4254 Sliding Door Handle

Sugatsune Kogyo UK Ltd
The handle is designed to be routed into the part of the door edge that you'd hold in order to open or close it. This model is really designed for sliding doors, as fingers can be inserted from both sides of the sliding door and also from the square at the ed...

Adjustable self closing glass door hinge sets

Lord Lionel
Hinge sets to suit 10 or 12 millimetre glass doors with built in hydraulic self closing mechanism and hold open as standard. There are 3 options to suit a glass door to mount into a standard wall, as part of a glass wall and brick wall combination or in a comp...

Test Door

SpecifiedBy Demo Manufacturer
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Exterior Folding Weatherfold 5c 80

Brio UK
Brio Weatherfold 5c has been updated to operate on exterior, bottom-rolling bifold panels up to 80kg with Brio’s new 286 Dual Point Lock. Bottom-rolling systems eliminate the need for a reinforced structural beam above the opening, as all panel weight is ca...

Easyclose Automatic Door Closer

Lord Lionel
The Easyclose door closer uses pneumatic technology to automatically keep your door closed. The standard length of retracted closer body is 70 centimetres , with maximum travelling of 125 centimetres suitable for most width doors. The closing performance ...
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Did you know that the most common Certifications for products within the Doors & Doorways category are ISO 9001 , ISO 14001 and Secured by Design?'

Hawa Shopfront 400/G for Large Glass Movable Walls

Lord Lionel
Hardware system for heavyweight all-glass sliding doors and all-glass sliding walls weighing up to 400 kilograms Description The HAWA-Shopfront 103G/400 and 112G/400 are tried and tested hardware systems for heavyweight all-glass sliding wall installatio...

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