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Search 7 Horizontal Shutters from leading Shutters manufacturers including; UK Roller Shutters & Garage Doors Ltd, Bolton Gate Co and Ascot Doors Ltd.

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Other popular types of Shutters include; Rolling / Coiling Shutters, Security Shutters and Fire Resisting Shutters.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Horizontal Shutters include; Max Width, Weight and Length.

Perforated lath shutter

Ascot Doors Ltd
The Ascot perforated lath shutter is ideal for openings where visibility is required when shutter is closed.   This type of product is ideal for shopfront shutters where the shop is backlit during closing. Very versatile and popular our perforated shutters...

Escalator Shutters

Bolton Gate Co
Bolton Gate's Escalator horizontal shutter is ideally suited to provide fire compartmentation between floors of a shop or store where escalators, travelators or stairwells entail a floor aperture. Available in various configurations, the design parameters are ...

LPS 1175 SR2 shutters

Ascot Doors Ltd
Under SR2 rating, Ascot Doors' shutters are tested to withstand a deliberated attempt at forced entry using bodily physical force and a wide selection of hand tools, each attack lasting up to 15 minutes including hammers, levers, a screwdriver, a steel tube an...

LPS 1175 SR3 shutters

Ascot Doors Ltd
or medium risk situations, shutters certified to SR3 are tested to withstand a deliberated attempt at forced entry lasting up to 20 minutes using bodily physical force and a wide selection of tools including an axe, cold chisels, brick bolsters, a crow bar, a ...

Horizontal Shutters

UK Roller Shutters & Garage Doors Ltd
A number of our products can be re-engineered in such a way that they can be installed horizontally. Use a horizontal shutter across glass roofs to block out light, swimming pools to cover them up, or escalators to section them off. If you see a product you l...

LPS 1175 SR1 shutters

Ascot Doors Ltd
Ascot’s shutters certified to SR1 security standards are the entry level to acheive Secured by Design Standard. They have resisted a series of professional attacks, each lasting up to 10 minutes using a variety of hand-tools such as levers, screwdrivers, sp...