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Search 10 Swing Doors from leading Doors manufacturers including; Window Glass Co (Bristol) Ltd, Door Spring Supplies Co Ltd and Dempsey Dyer Ltd.

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Other popular types of Doors include; Hinged Doors, Gates and Doorsets.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Swing Doors include; Features, Typical Building Type and Fire Rating.

800 Series Rebated Door

Window Glass Co (Bristol) Ltd
800 Series Rebated Door – The thermally broken rebated door variant is a member of the 800 series window and door product range and offers a swing door that is fully compatible with all the 800 series window products in addition to being suitable for incorpo...

Swing Doors - Record DFA 127

Door Spring Supplies Co Ltd
The exceptionally quiet DFA 127 is record’s first basis model swing door operator, allowing a wide range of applications. It’s modular design and construction employs all new technology and features on-site adjustable spring tension permitting the DFA 127 ...

Stanley Swing and Sliding Hospital Doors

Door Spring Supplies Co Ltd
Broad glass panels provide unobstructed view to patients. Patients remain undisturbed by nearby activity, noise or other intrusions. The 7000 Series combines the features of both swinging and sliding doors for easy, flexible access to the patient area. The 720...

UPVC Slide & Swing Doors

Dempsey Dyer Ltd
Slide and Swing, multi-pane doors offer numerous aesthetic and operational advantages over patio and bi-fold doors, helping installers take full advantage of the market for premium entrance solutions. Specification Our uPVC Slide & Swing Doors are designed t...

Swing Door

Integrated Access Limited
The extremely low noise DFA 127 is the first swing door operator from record that can be used as the basis for many different applications for swing doors. Thanks to its modular design and its new technology, with spring tensions that can be adjusted on-site, ...

Dortek Double Action Crash Doors

Dortek GRP swing crash doors are specifically designed for high usage environments requiring a strong robust door. The doors are 100% recyclable, easy to operate and tough. All doors are specifically designed to offer reliable, safe and efficient operation, me...

Swing Doors

EMSW Swing door operator- The Entrematic EMSW is an electro – hydraulic operator designed for a wide variety of applications. It is suitable for almost all types of external and internal swing doors. The operator can be mounted on either side of the door fo...