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Other popular types of Doors include; Hinged Doors, Gates and Doorsets.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Horizontal Access include; Material, Max Width and Min Length.

SAC Standard Floor Hatch

Surespan Limited
Surespan SAC flush access covers have been designed for a wide range of applications and industries, including water treatment, loading bays, plant access and emergency exits. They are manufactured in magnesium alloy with marine alloy frames or, alternatively...

IAC Internal Access Covers

Surespan Limited
Surespan IAC balanced action internal access covers are designed for non-weatherproof applications. The single leaf cover has a patterned tread plate lid, which can incorporate a recess to take vinyl or carpet finish. The frame fits within the aperture. Featu...

HIAC Recessed Floor Hatch

Surespan Limited
Surespan's balanced action internal and external floor access covers are designed to cover a wide range of applications and finishes, from patterned tread plate to carpet or vinyl tiles, through to recess for timber, ceramics, concrete or walk-on glass. Featu...

E CLASS Heavy Duty Hatch

Surespan Limited
Surespan type EHDC E Class Heavy Duty Floor Access Covers are designed to take loadings of up to 16 tonnes. Manufactured in cast aluminium alloy. The aluminium alloy hatches can can take loadings from 5 to 16 tonnes (FACTA class B to E) and are available in st...

RSI Upstand Floor Hatch

Surespan Limited
Surespan RSI aluminium single or double leaf upstand floor access covers are rated at 2.5 or 5kN/m2 loading. The patent marine alloy frame incorporates a single or double unbroken EPDM seal, to help prevent the ingress of dirt and moisture offering water and n...

SRH-DL Double Leaf Hatch with central beam

Surespan Limited
Surespan SRH/DL double leaf roof access hatches are manufactured in aluminium with an optional polyester powder coated finish. Each SRH is insulated to maintain the thermal integrity of the building. The gas spring assisted opening lid is supported by heavy-d...

Fully glazed sectional door

Ascot Doors Ltd
Ascot’s fully-glazed sectional door panels comprise a door leaf consist of stable, twist-resistant fabricated frames. The individual fields are formed by screwing short vertical uprights between horizontal profiles, placed across the width of the door. All ...

PVCU Front and Back Single Doors

CWG Choices
Choices single doors are available in a wide range of styles & wood-grain coloured foils all tailored to suit your exact requirements....

Aluminium Commercial Shopfronts and Doors

CWG Choices
“Choices” can provide a wide range of Aluminium doors that perfectly match your building’s windows and walls....

Aluminium Residential Doors

CWG Choices
Safe, secure and stylish “Choices” Aluminium Residential Doors are tailor made to suit both the individual personality and the style of your home....
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Did you know that the Width for products within the Horizontal Access category, can range from 100 mm to 1200 mm and the average is 525 mm?