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Zaun Limited
Terror Stopper PAS 68 Hinged Gate, successfully impact tested to PAS 68 stopping a 7.5 tonne vehicle travelling at 50 mph (80 kph). Equating to 1852kJ. This hinged gate has also been successfully crash tested and rated to PAS 68 V/7500[N3]/80/90:0.0/25.0. The...

Self-Closing Safety Gates

Kee Safety Ltd
KEE GATE is a complete range of safety gates designed specifically to provide permanent hazard protection for internal or external applications. KEE GATE can provide permanent protection for any openings, ladder/stair access points, roof hatches and restricted...

D5000 Tracked Gate

Ultimation Direct Ltd
The D5000 Rolling Gates from Ultimation Direct has been designed to offer high reliability solutions for vehicle access points where high levels of security are required over spans up to 13m. Both manually operated and fully automatic versions are produced, an...

Automatic Sliding Security Gates Up To 8.0m

Newgate (Newark) Ltd
The Automatic Sliding Security Gate (Type 3) is a robust design for more cost-conscious applications. This gate can span openings of 8 metres (single leaf) or up to 16 metres (double leaf) in a cantilever construction. No need for ground tracks.The frame and s...

ARES ULTRA BT A1000 - Sliding Gate operator

BFT Automation UK Ltd
24 V sliding gates operator for intensive use, up to 1500 Kg in weight. Leaf speed up to 9 m/min. Magnetic limit switch and control board with U-link protocol embedded...

Electric Swing Driveway Gates

Electric swing driveway gates are highly secure and highly convenient, while adding an impressive air of sophistication to any property. If you’re looking for professional and reliable installers of electric swing gates for your driveway, look no further ...

PAS 68 Terra V Gate

Frontier Pitts Ltd
The PAS 68 Terra V Gate is a pair of bi-parting hinged gate leaves that secure in a shallow 'V' shape. Successfully impact tested to PAS 68 stopping a 7.5t vehicle travelling at 50mph (80kph) which equates to 1852kJ. Zero penetration on to site and product re...


Zaun Limited
Zaun’s trackless bi-folding speed gates are the ideal solution for where the speed is essential. Or where space is at a premium. Bi-Folding speed gates designed with high security in mind. Gates manufactured with a post with a bi-folding leaf attached. The ...

Fully Auto Pedestrian Gates

Newgate (Newark) Ltd
Electric Security Swing Gates for Pedestrians provide peace of mind in todayÍs uncertain world. They control the movement of authorised users and deter those not permitted on site or into an enclosed or restricted area.Typical spans from 1.2 metres up to 2.0 ...


Zaun Limited
Zaun’s automatic tracked sliding gates, specifically designed to run on tracks installed onto the roadway. Each sliding gate is available in bespoke designs with your choice of height and width and available in a wide range of RAL colours. Tracked sliding g...

188 Heavy Duty Pedestrian Gate

Clarke Instruments Ltd
Type 188A-200 Heavy Duty Pedestrian Gate This gate is easy to install and provides gated access onto sites and premises with in-built locking for control of access. For larger gate widths, see data sheet type 188A-202 Fully Automated Pedestrian Gate. ...

PHOBOS BT A25 - Electromechanical gate operators

BFT Automation UK Ltd
Complete range of electromechanical worm-drives for residential use, suitable for swing gate leaves up to 5 metres wide and weighing up to 500 kg. Quick to install, its motor allows high speed opening and closing with silent operation. The motor is irreversibl...

Manual Swing Gate Up To 14m

Newgate (Newark) Ltd
High security applications demand high performance solutions. NewgateÍs Security Swing Gates, with their robust design, deliver this and more besides.Manufactured from rectangular hollow sections and offering a variety of infill options, paint or coated finis...

D6500 Bi Folding Gate

Ultimation Direct Ltd
The new bi folding gate range from Ultimation Direct provide the perfect solution for security in confined locations, or where speed of opening is important giving twice the span in an opening space. This increased speed also ensures that site entrances are op...


Zaun Limited
The Terror Stopper Crash Rated PAS 68 cantilever sliding gates are designed to prevent a 7.5 tonne vehicle borne terrorist / ram-raid threat. Capable of blending seamlessly within any building or site perimeter line, enabling discreet vehicle mitigation. Cons...

Manual Sliding Security Gates Up To 9.5m

Newgate (Newark) Ltd
Manual Sliding Security Gates (Type 1) are of a heavy duty design and construction. They are available in a cantilever style for spans of up to 9.5 metres (single leaf) or 19 metres (double leaf).The frame and guide roller stanchions of the heavy duty Sliding ...

Crash Tested Full Depth Road Blocker - CSG 10503

Cova Security Gates
A PAS 68: 2010 compliant crash tested road blocker, designed to withstand a hostile vehicle-borne improvised explosive device and stop the vehicle dead in its tracks. The 10503 has been successfully tested at Mira with a 7.5 ton vehicle at 50mph and can be f...


Zaun Limited
The Terror Stopper PAS 68 Pedestrian Portal, a crash rated redeployable pedestrian portal frame. Tested and approved to BSI PAS 68:2010 standards. This PAS 68 Pedestrian Portal system, crash tested and rated to stop a 7.5 tonne vehicle travelling at 40 mph. St...


Zaun Limited
A range of SR2 Rated Gates, manufactured specifically with security in mind. Our SR2 rated gates, tested and approved to LPS 1175 Issue 7 by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB). This testing process entered our products into The RED BOOK. SR2 Rated...

Driveway Gates

Has your home has been targeted by thieves in the past or you’re afraid that it might become a potential target? Or maybe you have manual gates at the moment and simply can’t be bothered to keep getting in and out of the door to open and close them. If eit...

Broughton 960 Defiant Gate

The Defiant Security Pedestrian Gate has been developed by Heras to satisfy high demanding maximum security criteria. Incorporating a single point high security access controlled locking system and designed to resist attacks on the front cover plate which p...