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Hawa Folding Concepta 25 for Bi-Folding Cabinet Doors

Lord Lionel
Flush when closed, completely open. Hardware for bi-folding cabinet pocket doors up to 25 kilograms per door. Flush cabinet fronts can be fully opened with HAWA-Folding Concepta 25. Two doors can be folded and slid into furniture cabinets or wall niches at...

Hawa Variotec 80/H Folding System for Large Panels

Lord Lionel
Flush partition walls with flexible folding. Hardware system for large wooden folding walls with panel weights up to 80 kilograms HAWA-Variofold 80/H is a hardware system for wooden folding walls with up to 80 kilograms.heavy panels. Installations ar...

MFU - Hidden / Flush Sliding Door System

Sugatsune Kogyo UK Ltd
The MFU is an easily installed sliding door system that allows a door to close 'flush' against the surrounding walls, providing a clean and discrete appearance - making the door almost completely concealed if you wish! No bottom track is required allowing ...

Contemporary, Traditional or Heritage Timber Flush French Doors

Contemporary timber flush French Doors feature a classic flush design, pencil round mouldings and bars, 24mm double glazing and lead leaf handle operated locking and slave leaf shoot bolt locking as standard on double leaf designs. Traditional timber flush Fr...

Double Fire Exit Door

Latham's Steel Security Doorsets Ltd
Our Double Fire Exit Door features a security Exidor 285 adjustable panic bar set and is available in stock from 1295mm right up to 1995mm wide. For sizes of 1295mm & 1395mm wide we offer our leaf & a half doors; which are a door and a half to bridge the gap...

Security Steel Door (Heavy Duty)

Latham's Steel Security Doorsets Ltd
Compared to our Budget Steel Door, this security door uses thicker gauge steel, a denser core and has an extra hinge. It features our trademark Hooply 19 point locking mechanism (more than any other steel door on the market) and optional UAP 3* Kitemark cylind...

Classic Sliding Garage Door System to pull doors around the corner

Lord Lionel
Top-hung sliding door system for round the corner applications Robust top-hung door hardware for round-the-corner residential, commercial or light industrial wooden or metal folding doors. The doors may be panelled, flushed or glazed. Three systems are avai...

Rustic Glass Barn Door Style Sliding System

Lord Lionel
This design of sliding door has been popular in the USA for a number of years, they often have metal wheels running on a metal track, the Rustic uses modern polymer wheels in its trolley hangers resulting in a smoother and quieter sliding action. The Rustic is...

Double Steel Door (Security)

Latham's Steel Security Doorsets Ltd
Our Security Double Steel Doors feature our trademark multi point locking system and are available in stock from 1295mm right up to 1995mm wide (external frame size). For sizes 1295mm & 1395mm wide we offer our leaf & a half doors; which are a door and a half...

Contemporary or Traditional Folding Doors

Contemporary timber Folding Doors offer the perfect way to create an open plan feel to any room and feature a sleek, modern profile with contemporary pencil round mouldings ideal for a new build home. Traditional timber Folding Doors incorporate elegant, ovol...
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Did you know that the most common Colour(s) for products within the Doors category are RAL , white and wide range?'

FD30-F - Folding Door System

Sugatsune Kogyo UK Ltd
An interior sliding folding door system where each bi-folding pair of doors will both folds and slides. The standard folding option has one end of the bi-fold in a fixed position to pivot, and the opposite end of the bi-fold runs along a top track to ensure a...

Bortoluzzi Slider S10 For Flush Finish Sliding Doors

Lord Lionel
The Slider S10 is a coplanar or flush door system for a pair of doors, this type of sliding movement is sometimes described as a 'van door' sliding door as the doors sit in the same line when closed and open by sliding across one another. Unlike standard hinge...

Hawa Media 70 Sliding System for Curved Doors

Lord Lionel
The Hawa Media 70 is a high quality sliding track system for doors weighing up to 70 kilograms, the system can be used with straight sliding doors but the most common application is with curved panels. The top track is curved in the Swiss factory with a minimu...

Sectional Garage Door

OSA Door Parts
Overview: Insulated sectional garage doors allow much better insulation properties and fucntionality than traditional garage doors. 40mm insulated steel panel with high density polyurethane foam they provide outstanding thermal insulation saving on expensive ...

Double glazed timber entrance doors (78mm)

GreenSteps Ltd
GreenSteps entrance doors for high performance domestic and commercial projects. KEY CHARACTERISTICS: Any combination of insulated panels and glazed units can be incorporated. Timber frames - Frames are made of engineered pine as standard, but oak, larch ...

Hawa Junior 80 High Quality Sliding Door Gear

Lord Lionel
Swiss made sliding door gear system for doors up to 80 kilograms in weight. Tested to EN1527 standards for 100,000 movement cycles, before and after this test a measure is made of how much force or initial friction is needed to open the doors, in the case of ...

SpeedStile FL - Speed gate with flap leaves

DesignFlap leaves open in the direction of passage. Glass and aluminium design.Fast flow rateUp to 40 passages per minute.Anti-tailgating Prevents an unauthorised person following a user with vaild credentials.Disabled accessWide walkway to comply with disabil...

Casali I-Frame Italian Glass Door Panels for Sliding and Swing Doors

Lord Lionel
Uncover the elegance of our new i-FRAME system. Available in swing doors, pocket doors, sliding external doors or sliding overlaping doors. A choice of ten different finishes. Casali has redesigned glass, placing it in the spaces of everyday life, pushin...

TN403 & TN423 - Concealed Door Straightener Bars

Sugatsune Kogyo UK Ltd
These bars prevent large doors from bowing, or warping. Bowing is bad because it means the door will not sit correctly in a frame. It is especially awkward on sliding doors where the centre of gravity can be offset so the doors no longer hang properly - ...

Hawa Junior 40/GL for Interior Glass Doors

Lord Lionel
HAWA-Junior 40/GL with plain anodized or stainless steel effect cover plates, top tracks an angle profiles fits in well with any contemporary sitting. It offers an efficient and cost-effective solution that is also highly reliable, thanks to tried an tested HA...
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Did you know that the most common Features for products within the Doors category are security , Low maintenance and Maintenance free?'

Creative Doors

Creative Range Doors are certified to the latest PAS 24:2012 standards meeting Secured By Design requirements. Thermally insulated panels with fibreglass reinforcements and aluminium stabilisation layers ensure the highest levels of security and performance. T...