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    Chilstone Architectural Stonework
    Porticos are covered areas leading up to the entrance of a building. They were much used in ancient Greece to provide shade. Chilstone porticos are made to order. Our architectural team have a great deal of experience in designing porticos and will be delight...

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    Pyrolux Vision Panels

    Kingsway Group
    The Pyrolux range of vision panels combines high strength glazing (two fire glass) with a durable bolt fixed stainless steel surround. Designed for use in challenging healthcare environments, these panels have been manufactured to the highest standards to give...

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    The original design created and patented back in 1970 (Pat.91296594) has set the standard for privacy vision panels. The triple glazed system is renowned for allowing discreet and secure observation whilst maintaining the appearance of a contemporary Venetian...

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    GRP Door Frames (Glass Reinforced Polyester / Fibre glass) Doors & Frames

    Quinshield Ltd
    Quinshield's GRP Doors & Frames provide an innovative solution over the existing timber/steel/aluminium models. A highly resilient moulded satin exterior finish is available in any colour from the BS 4800 colour range. A simulated timber effect finish can...

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    Exeter Porch

    Roy Geddes Building Services trading as Country Leisure
    The Exeter is supplied complete with Doric columns, pediment and ceiling with detachable grey roof having an integral gutter, with rainwater spigot and flexible pipe or directing into a standard rainwater pipe. This should be accommodated within the void of th...

    door surround kits

    UK Home Interiors
    Easy fit, all in one Door Surround Kits. Sharper than most wood, more durable and easier fit than plaster. Lightweight and more easy to fit than wood or plaster. Perfect for DIY. Clean, crisp detailing - no knots or imperfections - for a perfect finish. Pre-p...

    Duralux Vision Panels (Square)

    Kingsway Group
    The original high strength fit for purpose vision panel that has been designed specifically for challenging healthcare environments. A simple 90° turn of either the staff key or patient thumb turn aligns the frosted bands on the glass allowing vision through ...

    Removable Doorstop

    Removable Doorstops help eliminate barricade situations. Based upon Intastop’s experience in the anti-ligature market and designed in conjunction with a leading Mental Health Trust, this full-length, fire rated doorstop is ideal for bedroom and en-suite door...

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    Microflush Aluminium Door Frames

    Optima Products
    Can be used in all Optima Partitioning Systems except Mistral which has its own range of door types. The door is constrained by the maximum height of the Microflush door frame which would typically limit the height to 3000mm....

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    Panorama Wall Panels

    Kingsway Group
    Hardwood Timber Lining Manufactured from hardwood to suit the exact width of the wall thickness. Stainless Steel One Part Fascia A seamless stainless steel fascia is use to the patient side and secured with security fixings Easy To Install Once placed in ...
    Did you know that the most common Features for products within the Door Components category are Key operation both sides , Key operation only and Fire Protection?'

    Kommerling Gold

    Climatec Windows Ltd
    The O70 and C70 Gold window and door systems from Kommerling is the ultimate choice for today's environment. Superbly designed and pleasing to the eye, the system's five chambers allow for a more effective, energy efficient window. To further improve on it's g...

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    Portico - Example C

    Cranborne Stone
    This is the largest example of a Cranborne Stone Portico and can create a grand enterence, it utilises traditional style Tuscan Columns (CM50), Decorative Architrave (A060) and Decorative Cornice (R060)....


    Specifically designed to offer a streamline appearance to any door requiring a full length panel and with all of the benefits expected of a Vistamatic®, the Max-XL™ dispenses with the need to install two individual panels vertically into a door blank. The ...


    Warwick Glass
    Make an entrance and create valuable extra space – with a made to measure porch from Warwick Glass. Adding a stylish porch to your home is an excellent way of improving its appearance and creating extra storage space for shoes, boots and outdoor clothing. I...

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    Fingersafe Anti-bacterial MK2

    New from the makers of the Fingersafe range of products comes the Fingersafe MK2 range. This new product gives the same fingersafe protection from injury but with the added advantage of full Anti - Bacterial protection. Manufactured in the UK, Fingersafe MK2 h...

    Rehau Total 70c System

    Climatec Windows Ltd
    As a market leader, REHAU's Total 70c window system offers all the benefits of PVC-U windows and doors, while preserving the appearance of traditional wooden frames. Timeless and classic, practical and durable - the REHAU Total 70c system is a well established...

    Rehau Total 70s System

    Climatec Windows Ltd
    REHAU's Total 70s system is a 70mm, fully sculptured window and door profile. Designed for the more style-conscious home owner or developer, it is an alternative to the contemporary frames offered by REHAU. The REHAU Total 70s profiles have been stylishly des...

    Door Viewers

    Kingsway Group
    Logica lockable door viewers are easy to install items that provide an excellent wide view....

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    Recycled Plastic Porch Gallows Brackets | Synthetic Wood

    Kedel Limited
    Model: GAL001 Bespoke colours available on request Very important construction industry product along with porch posts, finials and cross members, rafter tails, porch trellis, fascias and soffits, and cladding Annual painting of brackets on door canop...

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    LoPro Metal Vision Frames

    Zero Seal Systems Ltd
    The LoPro is easy to install and provides a low profile, ‘flush to the door look’. Uses 44mm sheet metal screws that pass through the door cutout, and fasten to the opposite side of the vision frame, thus eliminating the need to drill the door for through ...
    Did you know that the Width for products within the Door Components category, can range from 25 mm to 2400 mm and the average is 415 mm?

    Dunraven Porches

    Dunraven Windows
    Every home has its own character and style, so all our porches are individually designed and made to measure to suit your individual style and taste. Creating a porch by fitting a new door in front of your existing door will mean you gain immediately, with ...

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