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18-inch garnet/ T Hinge 

Our most popular penny-ender….. and probably the most widely used for the last three or four centuries. It succeeded the strap and pintle, a simple bar looped at the end to fit over an L-shaped pin driven into the door frame. It is neater, uses less metal an...

3-D Adjustable Heavy Duty Hinges

Zero Seal Systems Ltd
These are a range of heavy duty 3-D adjustable hinges to suit un-rebated steel doors. The fixing lugs on the hinge portion slide into the frame box, this then offers 3mm of adjustment in three dimensions; side to side, up or down and compression. All by simply...

Brass hinge 100 cracking A

Knuckle diameter 3.5 - 6 mm - Flap thickness 1.3 - 2.5 mm - Solid material, drilled and milled - With fixed brass pin - Solid brass. ...

Flush Door Bracket Kits

Flush door brackets allow an almost full height leaf to be used, creating a stark visual statement by bringing the door head into closer proximity with the ceiling, so essentially only a shadow gap is left between the leaf and the track assembly. Portman suppl...

Furniture hinge 260

Knuckle diameter 6 mm - Flap thickness 1.7 mm - Solid material, drilled and milled - With steel pin and distance ring - Solid brass. ...

Angle hinge 4162 cranking L

Knuckle diameter 4 mm - Flap thickness 3 mm - Door thickness 16 - 20 mm - Solid material, drilled and milled - With fixed stainless-steel pin - Opening angle 220° - Solid brass. ...

Angle hinge 700 cranking L

Knuckle diameter 7 / 8 mm - Flap thickness 2 / 2.2 mm - Opening angle 270° - Solid material, drilled and milled - With steel pin, without distance ring - Solid brass. ...

Finial butt hinge 212 with decorative finial cracking B

Knuckle diameter 11 mm - Flap thickness 2 mm - Solid material, drilled and milled - With steel pin, distance ring and decorative finials ZK 19 - Solid brass. ...

Furniture hinge 300

Knuckle diameter 8 mm - Flap thickness 1.7 mm - Solid material, drilled and milled - With steel pin and routed out oval heads, without distance ring - Solid brass. ...

NOR250 Finger Protection

The NOR250 provides superior safety with a completely rigid shield fixed between frame and door face preventing fingers accessing the dangerous hinge gap when a door is opened. It is durable, made from anodised aluminium fit-for-purpose in severe duty environm...
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Did you know that the most common Colour(s) for products within the Door Hinges category are Black , White and Brown?'

Zero Unigear Continuous Hinges

Zero Seal Systems Ltd
High performance, heavy duty, integrated door hinges that dissipate kick-back and impact shock while maintaining smooth, effortless door swing.  Unlike conventional hinges, the Unigear hinge spreads stress along the full length of the door and frame.  Manufa...

6-inch garnet/T hinge 

It's very much like the 'straight 8' garnet hinge, just as strong, a little more dainty but still not 'miniature'. The shoulder piece is the same as the next two larger versions in the range so it makes a perfect choice for a mix-and-match.... and it'll still ...

15-inch garnet/T hinge 

The usual choice for a normal, standard 27-inch (685mm), our work-horse, sometimes used with a 12-inch version as the lower hinge if the door looks tall or narrow, or with a third hinge halfway down the door. Traditional practice is use three T-hinges or garne...

8-inch garnet/T hinge

For cupboards, cabinet work, furniture, window seats, boxes. Not quite small enough to be called 'dainty' …. perhaps 'compact' would be a better word. Like its big brother, the 10-inch garnet, it's much used by kitchen designers where the distinctive shape o...

22-inch garnet/T hinge

The Big Daddy of our traditional T-hinge range.... plain and simple, tough enough to take a slamming oak door. It looks good too on wider doors and even the garden gate (with a good coat of paint !) The shoulder, its edge offset from the pin centre by ??mm, fi...

Push to open

Unique practical convenience from Hettich. With Easys, hinged doors open gently. A light press on the front initiates the electromechanical opening cycle. Purist, designer-style fronts for noticeable added value in looks and convenience. Heightened yet further...

12-inch garnet/T hinge 

The choice for a really narrow door or a big cupboard or wardrobe but still man enough for an ordinary door...or it can look good in a trio, in the middle between a pair of larger garnet hinges. We've seem them too on the inside of a box or chest. All hinges a...

10-inch garnet/T hinge 

We're talking cupboards now or the door to the cellar, or the attic or that cubby-hole under the stairs. But it's still strong enough for a full size door. Not quite so demanding of attention as its bigger brothers. Widely used to put the finishing touch to a ...

Architectural Hinges

Lloyd Worrall
Typical bearing butt hinges satisfy the majority of standard internal and external applications. Tested to BS EN1935 Grade 13. Non removable pin. Manufactured in Grade 304 stainless steel available in Grade 316 to special order. Concealed bearing hinges are su...

Zero Unipin Continuous Hinges

Zero Seal Systems Ltd
A heavy duty continuous hinge for high traffic wood or metal door applications. Manufactured from 14 gauge cold rolled steel prime (SP) or 304 type stainless steel (STST). The hinge is 114mm wide overall, has nylon washers with 51mm knuckle lengths and 6mm dia...
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Did you know that the Depth for products within the Door Hinges category, can range from 1 mm to 37 mm and the average is 19 mm?

Safehinge ALU30 & 60

Noberne Seals, associates of Noberne Doors Ltd
The Safehinge ALU30 & ALU60 is an integrated safety hinge which prevents finger trapping through clever design. The hinge pivots the door at the top and bottom, which maintains a small, constant gap at the hinge side of the door thus minimising the chance of f...