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Important criteria to consider when specifying Door Fasteners include; Finish(es), Width and Length.

Push & Go Magnetic Concealed Door Bolting System

J&P Hardware
The Push & Go EVO the new magnetic door bolt system is an ideal accompaniment to the Compack and Ergon Living space saving door gear. Its discreet application makes it far less obtrusive than a surface bolt or flush bolt for the slave leaf. The operation and e...

Vortex Automatic Door Magnet AL4400

Alpro Architectural Hardware
Alpro's patented AL4400 mechanical automatic door magnet is specifically designed for securing sliding door mechanisms both automatic and mechanical. The holding force of the magnet will depend on its fitting arrangement, but in test the average holding forc...

Vortex Mortice Door Magnet AL1982-35-5

Alpro Architectural Hardware
The Alpro AL1982-35.5 mortice door magnet is designed for use when a mortice type installation is required. When external pressure is applied to open the magnet and break the hold of the unit, the pivoting pin head fitted into the electro magnet holes will in...

Automatic Flush Bolts – Universal

Zero Seal Systems Ltd
The Z015 (862/962) automatic flush bolt is U.L. listed for use on the inactive leaf of a pair of metal or timber doors, and is tested to over one million cycles. It can also be fitted to composite doors. The units are supplied in pairs, consisting of a bolt fo...

Push On Fasteners for Square Shafts

Baker & Finnemore Ltd
The unusual shape of the piercing is designed to give point contacts on the sides of the square shaft, and extra flexibility gives a wide range of fitting, i.e. part 7023 is suitable for shafts from .300 to .312 with two slots to assist in location on assembly...

Forster fuego light 

Forster Profile Systems (UK) Ltd
Forster fuego light is the tested and approved, very extensive complete profile system with fittings and accessories for flush single- and double-leaved glazed fire resistant doors, as well as for fire resistant glazed walls. The appeal of the system resides...

Door Holder - DICTATOR gas spring, gate closer

Dictator Engineering Ltd
DICTATOR ZE door holders stand out for their especially robust and stable execution. As the casing is all of a piece no covers or similar can be detached. This extensive resistance against vandalism makes the DICTATOR door holders a very good choice where othe...


Dictator Engineering Ltd
Electromagnets DICTATOR electromagnets can be used for many purposes in completely different fields. A very important sector is the preventive fire protection. In general, fire protection doors have to be closed. But often this is not possible as the closed ...

Closing Springs

Dictator Engineering Ltd
Closing springs are the most simple and economic form of a door closer. When opening the door the integrated spring is tensioned and closes the door as soon as it is released. Often they are used together with the DICTATOR door checks which make sure the doo...

Forster presto

Forster Profile Systems (UK) Ltd
Forster presto is the complete profile system with fittings and accessories for flush-fitting single- and double-leaved smoke-resistant doors....
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Did you know that the most common Finish(es) for products within the Door Fasteners category are Satin Anodised , Polished Chrome and Satin Chrome?'

Door Checks

Dictator Engineering Ltd
DICTATOR door checks have been invented more than 80 years ago and also been protected by patent for Dictator. They solve different problems - back then and today. 1) They put an end to banging doors because they catch the door thrown shut by hand, by a clos...