In any environment, fire protection, pest control, safety, transport and communication should always be a top priority – Communications, Transport and Security systems and solutions allow you to enhance these areas of your project and ensure that they meet current regulations.

There are a whole host of Communications, Transport, and Security products that can be installed in commercial, residential and industrial properties, including security gates and bars, bullet resistant windows, battery powered carbon monoxide alarms, platform lifts, security shutters, docking pads, self contained platform lifts, shipping containers, firestop cushions, and more.

Using SpecifiedBy, you can source, specify, and compare effective communication, transport and security products from an extensive range of quality and performance focused manufacturers in the UK, including Cardea Solutions, BRK, Bolton Gate and BIGASS Fans.

BifiSafe - Bi-Directional Cash Recycling Unit

Enhance protection and reduce the chance of burglary and attack with BidiSafe, the time controlled cash management safe and storage device. BidiSafe is a time-delayed multi-cassette cash dispenser, designed to allow storage of a high volume of cash whilst e...

PVC Strip Curtain - Made to Measure - Panels 200mm x 1.8mm - Polar Temperature

The Flyscreen Company Ltd
Clear PVC panels hook onto a high quality, stainless steel rail. The panels provide a tough and flexible barrier against insects, birds and other vermin. They are available to suit pedestrian, pallet and forklift entry and come in a choice of standard and po...

Pay Windows PW4

Protect staff securely and enhance the ticketing, information and payment process with Safetell Pay Window units. Highly resistant security glazing to protect staff against bullet and / or manual attacks. Safetell Pay Window modules include framework, secu...

Smart Home Alarm Kit SR

The Yale Smart Home Alarm Kit is a home alarm system built with you in mind, allowing you to arm and disarm your system via your Smartphone. The Yale Smart Home Alarm Kit can be extended to include additional accessories including a Power Switch to turn home ...

Talentum® Triple IR

Talentum Developments Ltd
These flame detectors give excellent immunity to false flame sources both indoors or out. They have internal self-test sources that check the detector’s operation when remotely instructed. They can operate on a conventional 2-wire (14-28 Vdc) fire systems o...

SP300 & SP301 Series Surface Backboxes

Videx UK
Surface mount stainless steel back box with rain shield surround designed to fit standard SP300 / SP301 sizes. Containing M5 lock nuts and 20mm knockouts for cable routing. Available to fit the following panel sizes: 140mm (w) x 280mm (h) 140mm (w) x 400mm (h...

Ground Access Hatches

Zefyr Ltd
Zefyr s ground hatches are an assembly consisting of a frame and cover (or covers) providing access to people whilst offering protection - as when opened safety barriers are raised. The hatches can also offer protection to the area they cover by providing secu...

VR4K Nameplate Button Modules

Videx UK
The VR4K series nameplate button modules include a back-lit nameplate window with each call button.The nameplate insert can be changed from the inside only, offering a high resistance to vandalism. The face plate is vertically brushed 12 gauge stainless steel....

FireMaster Plus NVS Duplex Horizontal

Coopers Fire
The high performance of the FireMaster Plus means that it’s approved to protect windows and floors to form a protective means of escapes. The FireMaster Plus NVS Duplex horizontal fire curtain can be manufactured in a number of standard sizes up to a maximum...

Internal/external platform lift

Niche Lifts Ltd
With the Niche Internal/External Platform Lift, our customers have the option of internal or external location. Its self-supporting structure requires no pit and can be configured with various door options. With a relatively small footprint and minimal buildin...
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Did you know that the most common Certifications for products within the Communications, Transport & Security category are BSI , LPCB and ISO 14001?'

NOR400 Acoustic Letterbox

Acoustic fire and smoke rated letterbox. Designed for Timber and Composite Doors; Conforms to the requirement of BS EN 13724:2002 80-degree flap means flaps won‘t snap off. Two faceplate height options: Standard 76mm or Slimline 68mm. Available to suit diffe...

Good lifts with an attendant

Niche Lifts Ltd
Generally, as lifts grow larger and carry more weight, the potential for also carrying a trained attendant between floors increases; for this reason Niche Lifts supplies and installs attendant lifts. Like our other goods lifts, our attendant lifts are built wi...

Inclined stair lifts

Niche Lifts Ltd
An inclined stairlift is the ideal solution for buildings that have limited space for a dedicated vertical rise or an enclosed passenger lift. Designed for straight stairways, Niche Lifts’ easy-to-use compact folding platform, with powered arms and ramps, p...

 410/500kg vertical platform lift 

Niche Lifts Ltd
The Niche Internal Platform Lift provides a cost effective alternative to conventional passenger lifts. This platform lift is the ideal solution for moving people and light goods between floors safely and comfortably. The Niche Internal Platform Lift also mee...

Flameshield Fire Curtain

A1 Shutters Ltd
All our fire curtains are manufactured and produced in accordance with the parameters and technical respects indicated within the specification, which was submitted to the Warrington Fire Research Establishment. The curtains constructed to Warrington Fire Rese...

VR4K Accessory Modules

Videx UK
The VR4K series accessory modules can be connected together to work with the VX2200 system functional speaker modules VR4KAM2W. As with other modules in the range the face plate is vertically brushed 12 gauge stainless steel and a range of VR4K series accessor...

Geoquip fence detection CPNI CAPSS approved

Reliable fence detection is essential to identify an unauthorised crossing of a perimeter and allow time for an adequate response. Geoquip CPNI CAPPS (Cyber Assurance of Physical Security Systems) approved fence detection system for government use consists...

One-Way Video Entry Kit in Black/White - Touchscreen Monitor

GB Locking Systems Ltd
These one-way video entry kits which are available with either a black or white monitor offer convenient and high quality video entry. Connection throughout is 2-wire, non polarised, so installation and maintenance is simple and straightforward. Robust door ...

300 Series Manual Deluxe Cat Flap

Carl F Groupco Ltd
Control your cats movements with the use of the 4 way lock: in only, out only, opened, locked. A choice of two colour finishes, white and woodgrain, the manual cat flap is suitable for most doors, wall or material and can be extended to any depth for wall...

REVA-3 - Audio Equipment

Wharfedale International Ltd
The Reva-3 is the smaller of the two floorstanding speakers in the series, which can be used in audiophile stereo systems or part of a larger surround sound system too. It's slot-loading port technology means it can perform well even when placed close to the w...
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Did you know that the most common Operation for products within the Communications, Transport & Security category are electric , manual and motorised?'

VR120 Series Surface Backboxes

Videx UK
Surface mount stainless steel rainshield surround backbox designed to fit standard VR120 sizes. Containing M5 lock nuts and 20mm knockouts for cable routing. Available to fit the following panel sizes: 120mm (w) x 220mm (h) 120mm (w) x 280mm (h) 120mm (w) x 4...

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