In any environment, fire protection, pest control, safety, transport and communication should always be a top priority – Communications, Transport and Security systems and solutions allow you to enhance these areas of your project and ensure that they meet current regulations.

There are a whole host of Communications, Transport, and Security products that can be installed in commercial, residential and industrial properties, including security gates and bars, bullet resistant windows, battery powered carbon monoxide alarms, platform lifts, security shutters, docking pads, self contained platform lifts, shipping containers, firestop cushions, and more.

Using SpecifiedBy, you can source, specify, and compare effective communication, transport and security products from an extensive range of quality and performance focused manufacturers in the UK, including Cardea Solutions, BRK, Bolton Gate and BIGASS Fans.

Aritco HomeLift - Stylish Modern Living Lift by Gartec

Gartec Ltd.
The Aritco HomeLift by Gartec is our shining star - a fully design driven lift with home style and use in mind. The most impressive features include the SmartLift app, which controls the lighting brightness and colour in the shaft, and sends maintenance update...

Chain Screen - Anodised Aluminium Chain - Made to Measure

The Flyscreen Company Ltd
Features Anodised aluminium chain link strands that hang from a removable rail. Made-to-Measure (Supplied ready for you to fit). Benefits Simple cost effective way of screening doorways, at home and in commercial premises. Allows easy access through th...

Insect Panel Curtain - Commercial - PVC Rail - Made To Measure

The Flyscreen Company Ltd
Features Consists of a series of weighted mesh panels hung from a track above the door. Fits inside or outside. If your door opens out, the screen will be fitted on the inside and vice versa. Panels made from heavy duty mesh suitable for commercial premises. ...

VX2200 Video Cabinets

Videx UK
A range of control cabinets are available for video VX2200 systems: 2291V-1D - 1 entrance video control cabinet comprising of: ''through'' connection pcb, 12Vdc 3A psu with battery back up facility, 893N psu and BST/GMT timeclock. 2291V-1D/NTC - 1 entrance v...

CIBES S300 - Stair Lift

Cibes Lift UK
The CIBES S300 Stair Lift is an inclined platform lift, designed for narrow, straight staircases. This stair lift is a very flexible accessibility solution. The CIBES S300 Stair Lift can be installed on the left or the right side of the staircase, indoors or o...

MERIDIAN Cash Transfer Unit

MERIDIAN Transfer Unit is a Cash or Bulk Transfer Unit depending on specification, and functions as a secure enclosure to help the transference of cash and assets through a secure line. The secure enclosure allows for products to be handed in one side and s...

4000 Series Button Modules

Videx UK
The 4000 series button expansion modules have been designed to fit the 4000 series range of flush and surface backboxes. They are used to achieve the required amount of call buttons for audio and/or audio/video systems. For the VX2200 system there are two vari...

VR120 Series Video Panels

Videx UK
The VR120 door panels (all 120mm wide) have CALL PROGRESS LEDs for SPEAK , DOOR OPEN and BUSY, along with distinct audio reassurance tones to assist the visitor. Buttons are IP68 rated with the option of a yellow bezel offering a high contrast to the fasc...

Aritco 7000 - Versatile Passenger Platform Lift

Gartec Ltd.
The Aritco 7000 platform lift is designed to fit into any commercial environment, complimenting the design of your project. With 8 different platform sizes available, it is the most versatile Gartec platform lift. The 7000 commercial platform lift offers secur...

VR120 Series Video Panels with Proximity Cut Out

Videx UK
The VR120 door panels (all 120mm wide) have CALL PROGRESS LEDs for SPEAK , DOOR OPEN and BUSY, along with distinct audio reassurance tones to assist the visitor. Buttons are IP68 rated with the option of a yellow bezel offering a high contrast to the fasc...
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Did you know that the Depth for products within the Communications, Transport & Security category, can range from 1 mm to 2500 mm and the average is 394 mm?

PG300 - Pedestrian Speed Gates

BFT Automation UK Ltd
Speed Gates provide a fast, dynamic and secure way to manage your access control. The swing door gates are made with safe transparent tempered glass with a slim design and are available in a range of optional glass heights and lane widths. They are easy to fit...

ievo Micro™ Fingerprint Reader for Access Control

ievo Ltd
The ievo micro is the advanced internal only solution expanding the portfolio of ievo solutions to cater for industries looking to secure small to medium-sized facilities. Using a best-in-class optical sensor, the micro delivers a fast, accurate and reliabl...

Portal Plus Online Access Control System

GB Locking Systems Ltd
PC BASED PORTAL PLUS SYSTEM • The Portal Plus is a networkable access control system with Windows based programming and management software with support for up to 15000 users and unlimited entrances. • It allows greater flexibility in the design and ins...

Sentry RF Tranmsitters and Recievers

GB Locking Systems Ltd
Some of the obvious benefits of using Sentry remotes are: Total convenience Quality and reliability Eliminating the need for excessive wiring - keeping installation and maintenance costs down Fob transmitters Easy to program (enter and delete users) The ...

Menai Rail Mezzanine Lift

Strongman Tools
This Strongman rail lift is widely used in factories, warehouses, industrial plants, institutions—anywhere that products or supplies need to move from one level to another providing fast, efficient,convenient and safe access to mezzanines, balconies, basemen...

4000 Series Camera Modules

Videx UK
The 4000 series camera module incorporates a colour CMOS camera with white illumination LED's that provide the best quality picture in any lighting condition with a 10 camera orientation adjustment. A wide angle camera option is also available with a 170 vie...

Recycled Mixed Plastic Boards/Container Levellers 400 x 50mm

Kedel Limited
Model: POG04015005 Available in 3 different lengths. 100% maintenance-free Recycled Mixed Plastic Levellers. Ideal for containers/crates/storage units that are sat on the uneven ground or have an uneven base. Once installed, these levellers are guaranteed t...

Aura™ - Changing the way you monitor indoor assets & environmental conditions.

Drayson Technologies
Aura™is an end-to-end wireless network to measure and monitor indoor assets and environmental conditions. Aura may be deployed to measure the temperature and/or CO level of any existing asset or space to reduce costs, make compliance easier, more robust and ...

Wheelchair Lifts – Stiltz Trio

Stiltz Limited
The Stiltz Trio Lift is an innovative wheelchair lift that has been designed to answer wheelchair users’ accessibility needs in the home. Larger than the Stiltz Duo Lift but still compact, the Trio can fit a standard-sized wheelchair and is ideal for users ...

Platform lift LP11

Guldmann UK
LP11 is a mobile platform lift specially designed to lift wheelchair users in and out of trains. Simple and easy operation Due to its design and light construction the LP11 is easy to move and position. The platform lift is quick and easy to operate a...
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Did you know that the Warranty for products within the Communications, Transport & Security category, can range from 1 years to 12 years and the average is 5 years?

4000 Series Flush Frames & Rainshields

Videx UK
The flush series frames and backboxes for the 4000 series modules are manufactured from one piece die cast alloy which provides substantial strength to the outdoor station. The 4000 series modules are simply attached into the front frame using a strong ''clip-...

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