In any environment, fire protection, pest control, safety, transport and communication should always be a top priority – Communications, Transport and Security systems and solutions allow you to enhance these areas of your project and ensure that they meet current regulations.

There are a whole host of Communications, Transport, and Security products that can be installed in commercial, residential and industrial properties, including security gates and bars, bullet resistant windows, battery powered carbon monoxide alarms, platform lifts, security shutters, docking pads, self contained platform lifts, shipping containers, firestop cushions, and more.

Using SpecifiedBy, you can source, specify, and compare effective communication, transport and security products from an extensive range of quality and performance focused manufacturers in the UK, including Cardea Solutions, BRK, Bolton Gate and BIGASS Fans.

Waferlock Online Networked Access Control System

GB Locking Systems Ltd
e-Link the innovative access control system from GB Locking Systems A flexible configuration for small to large systems. Using online wall readers, user cards distribute data from the software to the offline standalone doors, thi...

G Fence 3000 Fence Mounted Intrusion Detection

G-fence 3000 is an electronic sensor system which detects unauthorised access to fenced locations. It is used to secure up to 3200 metre perimeter while guaranteeing a 1 second alarm response time and a precise intrusion location within 3m. G-fence 3000 is ...

CashFast - Night Pay Drawer

CashFast is designed for secure asset transfer and communication between staff and public. Being able to communicate clearly in potentially hostile and dangerous environments can be a challenging task – especially when it is vitally important to keep staf...

Pay Windows PW2

Protect staff securely and enhance the ticketing, information and payment process with Safetell Pay Window units. Highly resistant security glazing to protect staff against bullet and / or manual attacks Safetell Pay Window modules include framework, secur...

Waferlock eLink Electronic Cylinder

GB Locking Systems Ltd
The Waferlock Cylinder is IP67 rated for external use, has a battery life of 40,000 operations and is totally wire free. It has anti twist protection thanks to its stainless steel bar and also anti-drill protection. It is an EN1303 euro profile cylinder and ca...

Canmore Tilting Parking Lift

Strongman Tools
Excellent space saving lift from Strongman tools allows you to use a lift in a space previously only ever dreamed of. Due to the tilting design it can now reduce the height requirement down to 2.8m for installation compared to previous 3m requirement. Simpl...

TelGuard Multi Layer T-Bespoke

The T-Bespoke Multi Layer has been produced to provide a super low profile intercom. At just 26mm deep, this surface mount panel will fit into any environment. The downward facing microphone stops any possible water ingress which can occur with front facing ...

Hammerglass Hardwearing Polycarbonate Security Glazing or Grille Alternative

Cardea Solutions (UK) Ltd
300 times stronger than ordinary glass, scratch resistant and virtually unbreakable - Hammerglass is the solution for vandalism and crime in problem areas where windows are continuously being broken or damaged, Manufactured from abrasion-resistant polycarbona...

Fixed High Grade Steel Grille Security Bars System for Windows & Doors

Cardea Solutions (UK) Ltd
Fixed Window Bars are traditional, high protection window security solutions. They can be fitted internally or externally, horizontally or vertically and will provide a strong, durable deterrent to would-be thieves. Manufactured from solid steel, the bars a...

Pay Windows PW1

Protect staff securely and enhance the ticketing, information and payment process with Safetell Pay Window units. Highly resistant security glazing to protect staff against bullet and / or manual attacks Safetell Pay Window modules include framework, secur...
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Did you know that the Width for products within the Communications, Transport & Security category, can range from 1 mm to 1000000 mm and the average is 31602 mm?

ievo Control Board for reliable access control

ievo Ltd
The ievo Control Board is a powerful, dedicated fingerprint matching system, supporting any connected ievo fingerprint reader unit. The Control Board acts as the main communication platform for integrated systems, providing secure and highly reliable authentic...

Donnington Two Post Parking Lift

Strongman Tools
The Donnington is the ultimate parking solution that Strongman Tools has to offer. This two post car parking lift benefits from an incredibly shallow platform depth meaning you can not only get very low cars on, but also utilises all of the headroom you have. ...

Goal Post - Door Protection

McCue International
There’s only one way to get from one part of your warehouse to the other—through the door. Day after day, every loaded pallet has to pass through the same fragile space. We engineered our goalposts to withstand direct impacts from heavy equipment, spinning...

Telford Single Post Parking Lift

Strongman Tools
Designed to offer unobstructed access below a raised vehicle. The new Telford single post lifts provides the ideal parking solution for domestic customers. For those customers where space is at an absolute premium. Powered from a home, single phase, supplie...

Cash Transfer Scoop

Engage customers with ease with Cash Transfer Scoops, a heavy metal counter insert to allow for smoother transfer of cash and documents when using fixed glazing. Provide a quicker response to customers with Cash Transfer Scoops. With a varying level of dept...

4 Person Cabin Platform Lift - The Midilift SL & XL Plus

Our vertical Midilift Plus lift range combines all the advantages of a conventional wheelchair platform lift with the features of a traditional passenger lift to ensure access in any building. Manufactured by us in the UK our cabin platform lifts are installe...

Conwy Scissor Mezzanine Lift

Strongman Tools
Our range of reliable and cost effective goods lift products include heavy duty and light duty mezzanine floor lifts, bay lifts, scissor lifts, cellar lifts and lifts for the tyre industry in the UK. We design, install and service a wide range of goods lift...

RCI Electronic Rack Handle Lock

GB Locking Systems Ltd
The electronic locking rack handle provides the functionality of a manual latching system with the added benefit of electronic locking for access control and remote monitoring. It can be combined with any access control device for a basic self contained elect...

IX2 Series IP Network Audio Video Intercom System

GB Locking Systems Ltd
Combining video entry security, internal communication, emergency stations and multicast paging. Aiphone’s IP network based IX intercom system provides communication with up to 9,999 doors and is designed to interact with other IP devices (e.g. IP access con...

Low Rise Platform Goods Lift - The Levelmaster

The Stannah Levelmaster is a low rise platform goods lift with a carrying capacity up to 2000kg. Supplied in its own self-supporting structure, it is quick and easy to install. The Levelmaster is an ideal solution where goods need to be moved over a small chan...
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Did you know that the most common Finish(es) for products within the Communications, Transport & Security category are stainless steel , Glass and coated?'

Lothian Mezzanine Lift

Strongman Tools
Here at Strongman we have been often asked to produce a four post lift that can be used as both a maintenance lift but also as a mezzanine lift to raise cars up to higher levels. We are pleased to say we now have what you have all been waiting for. Rigorous...

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