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Other popular types of Transport include; Platform Lifts, Loading Docks and Inclined Stairlifts.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Automatic Parking Systems include; Height, Features and Number of Doors.

Puzzle Parking System. A five space example. Public, office or apartment parking solution. Excellent for outdoor or indoor use.

Strongman Tools
These puzzle parking lifts give the great benefit of being able to access any car on the lift stack without having to get in to any other vehicle. This design is available in a wide array of configurations; up to 6 levels high and built in units of three wi...

Four Post Pit Parking System. Excellent under ground car parking system suitable for single units or as multiple parking systems. Residential and Commercial applications.

Strongman Tools
Underground car parking lift: A most versatile four post design is both economical and straightforward to operate. These lifts can be installed as single units or as shown in some of the CAD illustrations and drawings as multiple units of up to maximum height...

Car Rotating Turntable

Total Parking & Lifting Solutions
The UK's leading supplier of lifts for transferring cars and goods to upper or lower floors. Call us on 0845 604 3668 to book a FREE site visit and quote. The Motorized car turntable is designed to allow you to turn your car in a tight space. Available in man...

MasterVario R3C and R3L

Double Parking Systems
The shelf system MasterVario R3 provides identically flexible features as the tower system, but provides one further benefit: Due to the additional motion axis of the storage and retrieval unit, up to ten vehicles can be arranged one behind the other. The grid...

MasterVario R2L and R2C

Double Parking Systems
The system provides 15 parking levels and 1 to 6 parking spaces per level allowing parking spaces for up to 50 cars on minimum floor space. The MasterVario R2 is the premium solution for short access times in case of minimum floor space. An additional turning ...

MasterVario S

Double Parking Systems
The MasterVario S isn t called the SmartParker for nothing: Cost-effective, comfortable and space-saving these are the features of this fully-automatic, intelligent parking system. From premises widths from about 3.0 m the MasterVario S can be installed un...

Platform 501

Wöhr Parking Systems
Laterally moving platforms are suitable for garages where it is possible to install 2,3 or more rows of parking spaces behind one another. The parking platforms run on rails, with always one empty space per row to provide the manoeuvring area to reach the p...

Parking Management

Parking spaces are essential for modern business. However, they can be expensive if they are left mostly empty or blocked by unauthorised users. Kaba exos lets you assign spaces individually and on a time basis, so that each one is used to its optimum. You ca...