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    Aritco HomeLift - Stylish Modern Living Lift by Gartec

    Gartec Ltd.
    The Aritco HomeLift by Gartec is our shining star - a fully design driven lift with home style and use in mind. The most impressive features include the SmartLift app, which controls the lighting brightness and colour in the shaft, and sends maintenance update...

    4 Person Medium Rise Platform Lift - The Midilift SL & GL

    The Stannah Midilift platform lift offers a simple, cost effective way to provide access for all within public, commercial or domestic buildings. Our latest Midilift platform lift combines design versatility and intuitive use with ease of installation and reli...

    The ST Inclined Moving Walkway - Stannah

    The ST range of moving walkways form integrated horizontal and vertical transport systems that will enhance both the appearance and operation of any building or infrastructure development. A wide range of finishes and materials are available, as well as a sele...

    CIBES A5000 - Our Most Popular Platform Lift

    Cibes Lift UK
    Looking for an access solution but don’t have an existing lift shaft and want to avoid costly construction work? Look no further. The CIBES A5000 is one of our most popular Platform Lifts and it comes its own fully prefabricated lift shaft. The CIBES A5...

    Aritco 9000 - Simple Enclosed Cabin Platform Lift

    Gartec Ltd.
    The 9000 Enclosed Cabin Platform Lift is the most advanced lift Gartec install, being a direct alternative for traditional passenger lifts (but with a fraction of the price tag). The footprint of our lifts is surprisingly small - and with just 2-3 days install...

    VPL200S – Bespoke Step Lift

    Premier Platform Lifts UK
    Contemporary styled access for all. Architecturally inspired, refined, discrete and beautifully engineered. A statement fashioned in steel and glass. Premier Platform Lifts have an enviable heritage designing and installing platform lifts. After many years of ...

    VPL350S Platform Lift

    Premier Platform Lifts UK
    Enclosed Platform Lifts are now recognised as the most practical solution for low to medium rise applications. Our VPL350S Platform Lift is built using the ultra- reliable and low maintenance self-sustained nut and screw drive system. The VPL350S can be specif...

    Lyndhurst S5

    Level Access Lifts Ltd
    Suitable for indoor applications only, the Lyndhurst S5 boasts superb build quality, and is extremely smooth during operation due to it's hydraulic operation. Key operation comes as standard, as does an anti-overload device. Side entry/exit to the platform is ...

    CIBES A4000 - Small Home Platform Lift

    Cibes Lift UK
    Looking for a lift to fit into a home? The CIBES A4000 Home Lift could be the lift for you. The CIBES A4000 Home Lift is capable of taking a load of up to 3 people (300kg) and has a choice of up to 4 different platform sizes. This ensures that, regardless ...

    Customised platform lift - Model C

    Guldmann UK
    Model C is a customised platform lift which is designed for installation in a flight of stairs and is specially designed for the stairway in question. It functions both as a platform lift and as stairs. By using the same tiles on the steps the platform lift is...
    Did you know that the most common Finish(es) for products within the Transport category are Stainless Steel , Glass and Glazing?'

    Customised platform lift - Model E

    Guldmann UK
    Model E resembles model C but model C has a platform at the upper level. On the model E the stairs are converted into a platform. When activating the control button the platform’s safety barriers go up and the stairway automatically changes to a platform. He...

    ECO700 Platform Lift

    Premier Platform Lifts UK
    Premier Platform Lifts introduce the new innovative ECO700 Passenger Platform Lift, suitable for both Public Access and Residential/Home environments. Designed to the new Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and meeting Part M of the Building Regulations....

    MultiVario 2082

    Double Parking Systems
    The MULTIVARIO integrates 5 parking systemsinto one unit, meaning that instead of worrying about 5 variants, one MULTIVARIO does it all. All the benefits of previous versions such as economy of space and parking comfort feature once again in the Multivario. W...

    Melody 1 Public Access Platform Lift

    Freeway Lift Services Ltd
    When faced with a wheelchair access problem to a public building, ramping is often not feasible due to the length required to achieve the recommended gradient. The Melody 1 lifting platform has been designed to overcome just this problem and is available in v...

    Standard Ramps

    Chase Equipment Ltd
    Our extensive range of mobile yard ramps are available for sale or hire, to suit everybody`s need. We first created yard ramps over 35 years ago and have continually developed and improved our range ever since. A Mobile Yard Ramp is the best solution for safe...

    Platform Stairlift - Functional and Simple

    Gartec Ltd.
    The Gartec Platform Stairlift is suitable for indoor or outdoor use and is functional, compact and reliable. Fully automatic, convenient and easy to operate, the lift is designed for use on straight flights of stairs making it suitable for access in most build...

    Guldmann short rise vertical patform lifts

    Access Lift Consultants Ltd
    Aesthetic and space-saving solutions that blend with the surroundings Improving the accessibility especially at older and heritage buildings can often present a challenge. We manufacture many different kinds of platform lifts that combine dignified entrance fo...

    Aritco 7000 XT - Durable External Passenger Platform Lift

    Gartec Ltd.
    The Aritco 7000 XT platform lift is the ideal choice for providing a simple, cost effective way to access multiple levels in an external environment. As one of our most successful selling platform lifts, the 7000XT makes a unique print on the platform lift ind...

    Aritco 7000 - Versatile Passenger Platform Lift

    Gartec Ltd.
    The Aritco 7000 platform lift is designed to fit into any commercial environment, complimenting the design of your project. With 8 different platform sizes available, it is the most versatile Gartec platform lift. The 7000 commercial platform lift offers secur...

    VPL200 Step Lift

    Premier Platform Lifts UK
    Our VPL200 platform lifts are ideal for all disabled and wheelchair access requirements where the vertical travel is from 250mm to 1000mm. Available in various high specification finishes including standard colours, optional full stainless steel and also with ...
    Did you know that the Height for products within the Transport category, can range from 2 mm to 13000 mm and the average is 3598 mm?

    Four Column High Rise Car Parking Platform Lift

    Total Parking & Lifting Solutions
    The UK's leading supplier of lifts for transferring cars and goods to upper or lower floors. Call us on 0845 604 3668 to book a FREE site visit and quote. This 4 column lift is designed for either indoor, or outdoor use. The outdoor version has the option of...

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