Fire Protection

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    Flameshield Fire Curtain

    A1 Shutters Ltd
    All our fire curtains are manufactured and produced in accordance with the parameters and technical respects indicated within the specification, which was submitted to the Warrington Fire Research Establishment. The curtains constructed to Warrington Fire Rese...

    CO-9X-10-FF - Carbon Monoxide Alarm - 10 Year Life

    Fire Angel
    Carbon monoxide detector providing early warning of the presence of CO in your home through alarm and LED display An internal power pack will power the alarm for 10 years in normal operating conditions, so there's no need to replace any batteries A test & re...

    SO-610 - Toast Proof Optical Smoke Alarm (10Yr)

    Fire Angel
    Optical (Toast Proof) smoke alarm suitable for use in areas adjacent to where cooking fumes are present. Elegant and ergonomic profile, designed to blend into your ceiling Internal power pack will power smoke alarm for up to 10 years in normal conditions. ...

    XP95 Optical Smoke Detector

    Apollo Fire Detectors Ltd
    The XP95 Optical Smoke detector uses an internal pulsing infrared LED and a photo-diode at an obtuse angle. In clear air conditions the photo-diode in the XP95 detector receives no light from the LED and produces a corresponding analogue signal. The signal inc...

    FP 12 Zone Conventional Fire Alarm Panel (expandable to 14 zones)

    Installer-friendly design. Robust metal enclosure c/w lift off lid & heavy-duty base connections. 12 conventional Zone circuits (expandable to 14). Two conventional Sounder circuits. Separate indicators for open & short circuit fault, sounder fault and battery...

    CO-9D - Carbon Monoxide Alarm - Digital 7 Year Life

    Fire Angel
    Provides early warning of the presence of low or high levels of CO in your home through alarm and LCD display. An internal power pack will power the alarm for 7 years in normal operating conditions. The digital LCD display shows low levels of CO down to 10ppm ...

    Ei450 RadioLINK Alarm Controller

    Aico Ltd
    The Ei450 is used to control all the alarms in a system from one place. We highly recommend fitting a control switch if you have smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms on the same system as it’s essential that you can tell which alarm has sounded. From then ...

    EV-P Optical Detector

    Nittan (UK) Ltd
    Using a simple but effective technique, the EV-P Optical Detector incorporates a chamber housing an Infra Red (IR) LED light and a photodiode light detector set at an obtuse angle preventing it from seeing the light. When smoke enters the chamber the light bou...

    ALN-EN - Fire Detectors

    Hochiki Europe (UK) Ltd
    The ALN-EN incorporates Hochiki’s newest High Performance Chamber Technology removing the need to use Ionisation Smoke Sensors in the majority of applications. This also allows the sensor threshold level to be increased, thereby improving the signal to noi...


    Apollo Fire Detectors Ltd
    The Orbis IS Optical Smoke Detector works using the light scatter principle and is ideal for applications where slow-burning or smouldering fires are likely....
    Did you know that the most common Standards for products within the Fire Protection category are BS EN ISO 14001:2004 , BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and BS 6323-5:1982?'

    Beam Detectors: Conventional Reflective IR Beam Detector 6500R. 6500RS

    Honeywell Morley-IAS Fire Systems
    The 6500RS and 6500R are conventional reflector- type linear optical beam smoke detectors designed to operate as a component of a conventional fire alarm system. They operate primarily on the principle of light obscuration utilising an infra-red beam. Optical ...

    Deafgard X

    Deaf and hard of hearing people staying in sleeping premises are at risk of not hearing the fire alarm. Deafgard X is a moveable device which can be placed at the user's bedside and will be activated by a System X Transmitter when the fire alarm sounds....

    ViiFire i-Zone2

    Coopers Fire
    Developed to protect vertical applications, the ViiFire i-Zone² can be installed into any standard building, including a domestic house, to protect lifts, kitchens, serving hatches and counters, windows and doors, openings in walls, stairs and lobbies, bounda...

    Soteria Optical Smoke Detector (Isolated) 55000-328APO

    Apollo Fire Detectors Ltd
    The Series 65A Photo-Electric Smoke Detector incorporates a pulsing LED located within the housing of the detector. The detector housing is identical to that of the Ionisation Detector but has an indicator LED which is clear in quiescent state but produces red...

    Fire Hydrant

    William Eagles Ltd
    Product Code(s):WE045 | Monitor Hydrants General Description Bespoke fire hydrant with standard and pressure controlled deliveries Application Description William Eagles Fire Hydrants - Can be manufactured to customers unique specifications on request...

    Sl-602R - The Atom Smoke Alarm

    Fire Angel
    The award winning Atom smoke alarm 'Tiny but Mighty' The WorldÕs smallest smoke alarm - only 4.1cm high and 4.9cm wide Optical (toast proof) smoke alarm designed to reduce nuisance alarms from cooking fumes Quick and easy to fit Designed in Denmark Winne...

    WST-630 - Wi-Safe 2 Thermoptek Smoke Alarm

    Fire Angel
    The WST-630 smoke alarm is part of the new Wi-Safe 2 range of products. To be used in conjunction with the Wi-Safe 2 low frequency sounder (W2-LFS-630) and Wi-Safe 2 combined strobe and vibrating pad (W2-SVP-630). Uses Wi-Safe 2 technology to provide the ear...

    High Security Premises Information Box System

    Gerda Security
    The high security specification offers an increased level of security for applications which are more demanding. Designed to be weather resistant for external locations, the HSSPIB provides a recognised focal point for attending fire crews without the reliance...

    Freedor - Wireless Free Swing Door Closer

    Freedor is a unique wire free solution that allows users to hold doors open at any angle and automatically closes the door in a controlled manner when the fire alarm sounds....

    Apollo 55000-132 Series 65 CR (90ºC) heat detector

    A high-quality Type CR static/rate of rise heat detector. Monitors temperature using a dual thermistor network which provides a voltage output proportional to the external air temperature. Certified to EN54-5 by the LPCB. Wide 9-33V DC operating voltage. Red L...
    Did you know that the most common Features for products within the Fire Protection category are Low Battery warning , Compatible with wireless interlink base and Hardwire interconnect?'

     Audible Visual: EN54-23 and EN54-3 Approved Sounder Beacon CWSS-RW, CWSS-RR

    Honeywell Morley-IAS Fire Systems
    Honeywells Sounder Beacon, designed and approved to meet both EN54-3 and EN54-23, is ideal for applications where a dual purpose audible and visual alarm device is required. A new folded horn design, high output LEDs, advanced optics and an innovative len...

    Fire Protection Building Products

    Fire Protection systems and solutions ensure that a building is safe, secure, and fully compliant with current fire regulations. Used throughout all sectors and industries, Fire Protection products are particularly crucial in commercial and industrial properties – helping to prevent, contain, and put out fires and other risks such as carbon monoxide leaks and gas leaks.
    There are an extensive range of Fire Protection solutions available on the market, including emergency fire shutters, fire alarm systems, fire blankets, fire curtains, fire detectors, gas protection systems, intumescent pillows, portable fire extinguishers, and smoke curtains.
    Through SpecifiedBy, you can search the UK marketplace for Fire Protection solutions including carbon monoxide alarms, firestop coating, fire pillows, fire door retainers, Deafgards, high security premises information box systems, and fire escape windows from leading manufacturers such as BRK, Fire Angel, First Alert, Hoyles Electronic Developments, Sona Safety, Harling Security Solutions, and Gerda Security.