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Search 4 Plain Suspended Ceilings from leading Suspended & Stretch Ceilings manufacturers including; OPPEO Perforated Gypsum Ceiling

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Other popular types of Suspended & Stretch Ceilings include; Acoustic Suspended Ceilings, Decorative Suspended Ceilings and Stretched Fabric Ceilings.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Plain Suspended Ceilings include; Colour(s), Typical Building Type and Weight.

System 130

SAS International Ltd
SAS System 130 is a range of lay-in tiles supported from SAS Alugrid or SAS Tee Grid. Alugrid-Q features a continuous lineal recess with an M6 thread and negative quirk relief detail abutting the ceiling tiles, giving a completely flush ceiling. Alugrid-P is a...

System 150

SAS International Ltd
SAS System 150 is a range of highly versatile square and rectangular clip-in metal ceiling tiles which offer hinge down access throughout as standard. Supported from the SAS Deep Omega Bar tiles can pivot and slide along the suspension system providing access ...

System 200

SAS International Ltd
SAS System 200 is a range of square, rectangular, trapezoidal and triangular hook-on metal ceiling tiles. Designed to be supported from a concealed ‘J'?bar suspension rail....