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Search 6 Heated Suspended Ceilings from leading Suspended & Stretch Ceilings manufacturers including; GRK Interiors, Frenger Systems Ltd and Ecolec.

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Other popular types of Suspended & Stretch Ceilings include; Acoustic Suspended Ceilings, Decorative Suspended Ceilings and Stretched Fabric Ceilings.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Heated Suspended Ceilings include; Max Depth, Gauge and Max Width.

Modula - Radiant Heating Panel

Frenger Systems Ltd
Modula is an unobtrusive modular heating cassette. The cassettes are manufactured from 1.0mm gauge smooth-faced steel panels and are designed to be integrated within a standard 24mm exposed grid ceiling system. Copper pipes are expanded under pressure into ext...

Thermal Radiant Heat Heat-in-A-Sheet

GRK Interiors
What is Radiant Heat? Radiant heat is widely regarded as the most comfortable, healthiest and most natural heating form available. It is based in principle on the primary source of heat we know - The warmth of the sun - It warms you and the objects around ...

modula 400 extension balcony system

Werzalit GmbH + Co KG
modula 400 from WERZALIT is a modular system that makes use of support posts and is suitable both for renovation and new buildings.Certified and standardisedmodula 400 stands on two strip foundations laid according to the site conditions. The system is type-ce...

Chilled ceilings

Frenger Systems Ltd
Static cooling systems (chilled ceilings) have, over the past 40 years, proven themselves capable of delivering high levels of occupancy comfort at reduced running costs. Frenger designed, supplied and installed the "World's Largest Radiant Chilled Ceiling" sy...

EcoStrip - Radiant Heating Panel

Frenger Systems Ltd
EcoStrip is the ideal system solution for the heating of larger buildings such as industrial buildings, commercial buildings and sports centres. EcoStrip is suitable for both high and low installation. EcoStrip does not contain fans or other moving parts, ther...

Ceiling Heaters

Radiant heat is directional heat, so radiant panels will project heat in a straight line from the heater and warm anyone or anything in its path whichever direction its pointed in. Ceiling radiators will project heat straight down and will warm people under ...