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Other popular types of Suspended & Stretch Ceilings include; Acoustic Suspended Ceilings, Stretched Fabric Ceilings and Integrated Suspended Ceilings.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Decorative Suspended Ceilings include; Material(s), Thickness and Typical Building Type.

Aesthetic Decorative Suspended Ceilings

GRK Interiors
A stretch ceiling in its basic form is a suspended ceiling, but contrary to the existing types of suspended ceilings, the ceiling is stretched and secured to the perimeter of a room or space only, there are no intermediate supports and the areas that it can s...

Mesh Metal Ceilings

Armstrong Ceilings
The Armstrong mesh metal range is available in four standard patterns and four colours to give a minimum of 16 design options, has been designed with hook-on and lay-in options for simple and economical installation on standard exposed and concealed grid syste...

Armstrong Coloured Circle Canopy Ceilings

Armstrong Ceilings
Optima Canopy is a mineral panel, pre-formed into a convex, concave,square, circle, hexagon, trapezoid, or parallelogram shape. The Armstrong canopies can be installed at varying angles, levels and orientations to disguise services. The metal frame in the bac...

Supaslat - Decorative Suspended Ceilings

vtec group
There is nothing like real wood for it’s organic charm, and we marry this to our installation systems to ensure that the natural appeal of timber benefits from rapid installation and also provides acoustic performance where required. With Supaslat, you...

Square - Decorative Suspended Ceilings

OWA Ceilings
Baffles in a new format – put together as a square ceiling canopy that forms a trapeze when viewed from below. All this is made possible by differing heights and lengths. Combine a number of ceiling canopies to create dynamic ceiling landscapes. Square optim...

Frame - Decorative Suspended Ceilings

OWA Ceilings
As a combination of absorber elements that can be flexibly arranged, Frame is the ideal wall thanks to its three designs and full surface installation that improves room acoustics. Anyone walking into a room completely fitted with Opus, for example, will be su...

Stripe - Decorative Suspended Ceilings

OWA Ceilings
Anyone who loves modern architecture will love Stripe. The line as design principle. Clearly arranged, nothing to be added and nothing to be removed. Why add colours? White is the standard here and highlights the simple design. The concealed joints emphasize t...

Uni - Decorative Suspended Ceilings

OWA Ceilings
Unit is ideal for retrofitting, especially where acoustic problems with concrete ceilings are only identified after completion. The baffle system can be installed in all buildings, quickly and without having to make structural changes. The Unit has a number of...

Oriental - Decorative Suspended Ceilings

OWA Ceilings
Quadratic tiles that are definitely not square! Oriental breaks up the regular grid-like pattern in the ceiling suspension system and allows it to visually fade into the background. You can install acoustic ceiling systems in rooms with any kind of design with...

OWAplan - Decorative Suspended Ceilings

OWA Ceilings
Acoustics, fire protection and design integrated into one ceiling system: S 7 OWAplan. Whether in restaurants, foyers, museums, galleries, schools, shopping arcades, hotels or in private living areas, OWAplan makes a great impression in any environment. Black,...
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Did you know that the most common Colour(s) for products within the Decorative Suspended Ceilings category are RAL , White and Agate?'

Baffle - Decorative Suspended Ceilings

OWA Ceilings
The addition to Cloud and Square. Baffle. Not a ceiling grid but rather the simplest solution for bringing baffles to the surface. Staggered in series and next to each other, offset from one another, with clearances of 100 mm to 600 mm and baffle heights of 15...

Chess - Decorative Suspended Ceilings

OWA Ceilings
“Form follows function”, or so the saying goes. Thank goodness there are creative exceptions now and again! With the ceiling tiles in the Chess design, acoustic performance meets optical _nesse at the same level. The _eece covered mineral tiles in this ser...

Pix - Decorative Suspended Ceilings

OWA Ceilings
Pix lets you accent acoustic ceilings in completely new ways. Combine with our Sinfonia fleece-covered ceiling tiles to open up a whole world of ceiling designs and to emphasize room zones. You can change your preferred pattern at any time, because every ceili...

Excell - Decorative Suspended Ceilings

OWA Ceilings
Excell provides three different, open cross-sections from 39.3% to 51.8%. In the S 15 cliq system, the grid optically dissolves into a homogeneous surface without any recognisable ceiling grid. The openings ensure that cooling elements remain functional in the...

Ceilings - Decorative Suspended Ceilings

Redditch Partitions & Storage Co Ltd
A suspended ceiling can be installed to improve the appearance of an existing room or area, or as part of a partitioning and ceiling package. We can supply and install new or replacement ceilings to prestigious receptions, offices and industrial areas. New or ...

Creaprint - Decorative Suspended Ceilings

OWA Ceilings
This is the name under which we deliver our printed ceiling tiles – with designs prepared based on your requirements and ideas. Such as with logos, text, graphic pictures, letterings, symbols, pictograms, etc. This also includes various decorative elements. ...

Trapeze - Decorative Suspended Ceilings

OWA Ceilings
Movement, dynamism, acoustics, light – that’s Trapeze. A new ceiling tile that is revolutionising ceiling design. The real impact is only truly visible once the tiles are laid out. A living design that leads “step-by-step” from one diagonal to the next...

Flexo - Decorative Suspended Ceilings

OWA Ceilings
The four different formats can be infinitely combined to create individual ceiling designs and realise your artistic vision of a room, its use and its structure. It is wonderfully simple: the modules can be put together to create any chosen combination of the ...

Cloud - Decorative Suspended Ceilings

OWA Ceilings
Baffles work together to create a simple, rounded shape. A ceiling canopy like a cloud. In a group, staggered in height, the baffles penetrate each other to create attractive visual effects. Dynamic ceiling design underneath thermally activated ceilings while ...

Opus - Decorative Suspended Ceilings

OWA Ceilings
“Reflective” is yesterday’s concrete! The Opus ceiling tile is an in-house creation by the OWAconsult® design team and was developed to make modern exposed concrete look “harmonious”. Ceiling tiles with hidden construction and concealed joints for...
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Did you know that the most common Typical Building Type for products within the Decorative Suspended Ceilings category are Offices , Museums and Schools?'

Bamboo - Decorative Suspended Ceilings

OWA Ceilings
The popularity of the natural trend in architecture is increasing. Bamboo gives ceilings a natural look – convincing room acoustics with ceiling tiles in simple, warm wood tones....