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Other popular types of Stone & Aggregates include; Natural Stone, Natural Aggregates and Acrylic Stone .

Important criteria to consider when specifying Manufactured Aggregates include; Colour, Material and Application.

LYTAG Structural Concrete

Structural concrete can be produced with an effective reduction in dead weight over that of normal weight concrete. This reduction in dead weight means that considerable savings can be made in foundation and reinforcement costs. It allows for longer cantileve...

LYTAG Precast Concrete

LYTAG LWA is used extensively in a variety of precast products, such as lintels, kerbs, panels, stairs and bespoke units. Its weight saving properties can lead to significant advantages in production techniques and logistics. Larger panel sizes may reduce the ...

Surfaces - Manufactured Aggregates

Cast Advanced Concretes Ltd, t/a Mass Concrete
MASS surfaces can be used for a wide variety of projects including: Vanity Tops, Bars, Reception Desks, Benches, Shelves, Bath surrounds, Table Tops, Boardroom Tables, Tea points, Serverys and Fireplace Surrounds and Hearths. The surfaces are available in a w...

LYTAG Land Drainage

LYTAG LWA is an ideal medium for land drainage applications. Its rounded shape and regular grading give excellent hydraulic conductivity. It has been used to construct sports turf pitches, golf course greens and is frequently used in slit trenching, especially...

White Gritting/Rock Salt

Mainland Aggregates Ltd
Icy surfaces prove to be treacherous conditions when travelling on the roads. No matter the nature of the road or the surface integrity, the addition of white rock salt is imperative for safe motoring. It’s not just roads that benefit from white gritting. T...

LYTAG Screed

LYTAG LWA floor and roof screeds offer a wide range of benefits including cost and weight savings in addition to considerably enhanced thermal and sound insulation. LYTAG LWA screeds have been specified for and included in a variety of projects. Their distin...

Geofill® L1, L2 & L3

Geofill® civil engineering bulk fill can be used bonded (with cement) or unbonded (loose) for maximum flexibility. Its free draining properties allow significant reductions in hydrostatic pressure. Geofill® civil engineering bulk fill's low density and rou...

50 litre Light Expanded Clay Aggregate (0.05m3) Isokern Pumice

Schiedel Chimney Systems Ltd
50 litre Light Expanded Clay Aggregate (0.05m3), grade 4-10mm. Features /Benefits Expanded Clay ?Supports the flue liners Heat Resistant ? Safer chimney system Good Insulator ? Insulates the flue liners Lightweight ?Easy to handle ...


Brett Landscaping
As a long established manufacturer and supplier to the built environment, Brett is a key player in the development of SuDS solutions, including permeable paving jointing material, for use within SuDS design. The Brett sub-base aggregates shown here are ca...

25kg Anti-Slip Crushed Glass for Resin Bound Gravel

GCL Products Ltd
When laying a resin bound gravel surface, the surface is so fine and smooth that when wet or cold, the surface can become slippery or squeak when walked upon. By sprinkling a fine layer of crushed glass over the upper surface before the resin has cured, you ca...
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Did you know that the most common Colour(s) for products within the Manufactured Aggregates category are Grey , Blue and Brown?'

Coloured Glass 0-3, 3-6, 6-10 and 10-14mm - Landscaping, Specialised & Decorative Aggregates from Derbyshire Aggregates

Derbyshire Aggregates Ltd
A recycled coloured and crushed glass manufactured to produce non sharp chippings by a high air-entrained method making a nice angular and safe product. Glass aggregates can be used in many projects including top dressings, mulches, plant pot dressings and i...

Rubber Play Chippings - Landscaping, Specialised & Decorative Aggregates from Derbyshire Aggregates

Derbyshire Aggregates Ltd
500kg Bulk Bags Recycled rubber playground chippings available as the ideal play surface for safety with an appearance that will last. Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Plum and Terracotta. Also mixed colours to order. Mixes done from bags give an endless choice ...

Chelford 52 Sand for Resin Bound Gravel

GCL Products Ltd
Most commonly used in resin bound gravel mixes, this finely graded (0.2-0.36mm) sand has been kiln-dried to ensure the lowest moisture content possible to reduce the risk of reaction to polyurethane resin binders. Either added to the mix in a forced action mix...


Brett Landscaping
Brett are able to support a wide range of process applications with an extensive range of dried aggregates. This product range comes with a raft of technical information including amongst others Moh s hardness, density, grading limits, petrochemical analysi...

Lytag® LWA

LYTAG LWA is available in different grades and can be used for a number of applications including structural concrete, precast concrete, floor and roof screeds and drainage. LYTAG LWA is made by pelletising fly ash. The result is a hard, honeycombed struc...


Brett Landscaping
Brett Landscaping also offer a wide range of aggregates which are suitable for use in both resin bonded or resin bound applications and can be either colour coated or naturally coloured depending upon project requirements. When using colour coated aggreg...

Arctic White Calcined Flint

Boud Minerals
Artic White Calcined Flint is an acid insoluble filler / aggregate obtained by calcining pre-sorted flints....

Gravel - Manufactured Aggregates

Quinn Building Products
Sourced directly from the quarry and processed using crushing and washing plants, all Quinn Quarries gravel is ready to use in a variety of applications in both structural and decorative building projects. Quinn Natural Gravel is ideally suited to concrete sa...


Our ThermoSand is sourced and tested to meet ENATS 97-1 regulations - making it an ideal backfill material for underground electrical cable installations, used in the design of naturally cooled cable circuits of relatively high power transfer capacity. The ...

Recycled Aggregates

Aggregate Industries
In keeping with our strong commitment to sustainable construction we are heavily involved in sourcing quality waste arising’s and secondary aggregates all over Great Britain in order to produce products for construction and building materials....
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Did you know that the most common Application for products within the Manufactured Aggregates category are Concrete Resins , Dashing and car parks?'

Medium Aggregates

Quartz aggregate - Grade 0.4 - 0.8 for use in resin flooring systems...