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Masonry Coating Solvent Borne

HMG Paints
A top quality coating and finish paint for application to external masonry (mineral) surfaces. For advice on additional substrates please contact HMG Technical. HMG Masonry coating gives a tough, hard wearing film with excellent adhesion to porous substrat...

Waterborne LMP Colours

HMG Paints
LMP is a high quality 1K Water-based Acrylic based paint range offering excellent drying charcteristics, excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates and ease of brushability. It has been developed as an alternative to solvent based alkyd synthetic ...

Acid Cat AC 3000 Lacquer

HMG Paints
A medium - high solids acid catalysed system offering outstanding build, exceptionally fast dry, excellent colour retention and low formaldehyde content. AC3000 has been developed to meet the requirements of FIRA Standard 6250:2005 for horizontal surfaces (e...

Pre Cat AV Clear Lacquer

HMG Paints
Fast drying 1K lacquer with good film build and excellent application characteristics. Available in a range of clear sheen finishes. Formulated for use on wood substrates. Not suitable for exterior use. Technical Properties: Coverage 10 square metres p...

AIF630 Button Polish

HMG Paints
A pale coloured sealer for use on wood and metal surfaces. Its fast drying characteristics and ease of application lends itself to a whole variety of usages. The product is a modified resin type and is non-toxic and thus suitable for food contact. The pro...

Mouldshield Fungicidal Matt

Dulux Trade
Contains a special fungicide which inhibits the growth of fungi and mould inside buildings. Its broad spectrum of antifungal activity makes it ideal for most interior walls and ceilings likely be disfigured by mould. Tested to BS 3900 Part G6....

Facade Paints

Facade paints from Sto have been specially formulated for a long life and great coverage. All Sto paints are free of solvents and plasticisers, also making them safe for the environment, installers and end-users. Finish: Colour range: Pack size: Coats:...

Skalcem 100 & Beto-Binder Primer

A pigmented, breathable, satin finish, cement based masonry paint for the decoration of internal and external walls. Available in standard white or to special order, 9 tintable colours. A pigmented, breathable, cement based masonry paint that will adhere to ...

Supermatt - Paints

Dulux Trade
A top quality, economical, high-opacity matt emulsion which gives excellent coverage and application. Suitable for all interior wall and ceiling surfaces, particularly new plaster that is still drying out....

Feng Shui multi surface paint interior 1 litre

Ecos Organic Paints
FENG SHUI – eggshell-type Multi-surface super-washable paint. ECOS Feng Shui is a multi-surface coating for walls and woodwork which lends a uniquely harmonious feel to the home. ECOS Feng Shui allows one to bring together and so harmonize the wall areas and...
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Did you know that the Drying time for products within the Paints category, can range from 30 minutes to 1440 minutes and the average is 422 minutes?

Synthetic High Opacity Undercoat

HMG Paints
A 1K alkyd / polyurethane undercoat with superior brushing qualities and excellent obliteration properties. This product is especially suitable for large areas due to its ease of application and long wet edge time. Technical Properties: Coverage 12 squ...

Masonry Paint

Alumasc Facades
APPLICATIONS M.R. S6 Masonry Paint is suitable for use over precast-concrete, concrete blockwork, brickwork, renderings, calcium silicate M.R. S6 provides the final decorative coating to M.R. Polymer Plain render applications, whether applied direct to the su...

Uniblok Sealer

HMG Paints
A 1K air drying sealer / isolator for sealing synthetic enamels against attack when overcoating with stronger solvent systems such as Cellulose, 2K Finishes etc. The product has outstanding sealing properties in a wide variety of automotive, industrial &...

Uniblok Sealer Aerosol

HMG Paints
A 1K air drying sealer / isolator for sealing synthetics enamels against attack when overcoating with stronger solvent systems such as Cellulose, 2K Finishes etc. The product has outstanding sealing properties in a wide variety of automotive, industrial ...

Full Undercoat

Crown Trade
A high quality undercoat for use over correctly prepared and primed joinery and metal....

Polyester Metallic And Special Effect Powder

HMG Paints
A powder coating based on a polyester resin system blended with suitable metallic pigments. Designed where the user requires a superior decorative finish for exterior use. The products offer excellent flow and toughness. Other attributes can be achieved on...

Epoxy Polyester Texture Powder

HMG Paints
A series of powder coatings based on a carboxylated polyester resin modified with epoxies. Designed where the user requires a superior decorative finish for indoor use. It offers an attractive finish capable of hiding minor substrate imperfections. A...

Epoxy Powder

HMG Paints
A series of epoxy-based powder coatings designed where the user requires superior mechanical and chemical performance combined with excellent corrosion resistance. The range typically exhibits an outstanding flow and aesthetical appearance. It may be use...

Inflex 2 Pack Flexibiliser

HMG Paints
An additive designed to give greater flexibility to HMG Acrythane 2K products without compromising any performance characteristics. The product aids the use of HMG Acrythane 2K materials on flexible plastic substrates. Technical Properties: Flashpoint...

Polyester Architectural Powder 827

HMG Paints
HMG Polyester 827 powder coatings are an architectural system offering excellent flow and decorative aspect especially designed where high corrosion resistance, optimum mechanical properties and excellent gloss retention are required. These products meet...
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Did you know that the most common Application for products within the Paints category are Roller , Brush and Spray?'

Cellulose Spray Putty

HMG Paints
A spray on, high build Cellulose primer /filler / putty for industrial applications. It has many uses including the replacement of undercoat for a super smooth finish. It is ideal for use over deep scratches and scuff marks. Technical Properties: Flash...