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St. Astier NHL - Natural Hydraulic Limes

Cornish Lime
St. Astier range of pure natural hydraulic limes. NHLs will set and can be used in damp conditions and produce an earlier resistance to frost than Lime Putties. Available in three strengths: NHL2, NHL3.5 and NHL5. Description Natural Hydraulic Limes (NHL) are...

Lime - Lime

Bulmer Brick & Tile Co Ltd
We are stockists of Singleton Birch Natural Hydraulic Limes and Lime Putty. Hydraulic lime is available in NHL2, NHL3.5 and NHL5 strengths, and is supplied 25kg bags or in bulk tonne bags. Lime putty is available in 40kg (30l) tubs with lids. We also stock a s...

Limewash - Pure unadulterated limewash, made from mature lime putty, available in 24 colours

Cornish Lime
Pure unadulterated limewash, made from mature lime putty, available in 24 colours. Description This Pure Limewash gives maximum coverage, a brilliant rich finish and can hold mineral pigments extremely well. Available in 24 historical colours (which can be...

Fine Filler - Fine Surface Filler and Fine Putty Filler

Cornish Lime
Our own range of fine fillers for filling small holes and cracks while retaining breathability. Description We have developed our Fine Surface Filler and Fine Putty Filler to fill small cracks in walls that have been plastered with a lime plaster. Each of ...

Lime Putty - High calcium lime putty, guaranteed to have been matured for a minimum of four months

Cornish Lime
High calcium lime putty, guaranteed to have been matured for a minimum of four months. Available in 25kg or 1 Tonne, our putty will not be beaten on quality. Cornish Lime have been manufacturing Lime Putty since 1994 and takes great pride in the quality hav...

Cornerstone Remedial Render

Cornish Lime
Lime and Cement Render system for renovation of cement based mortars. Description The Cornerstone Remedial Render System is designed to be applied to a range of backgrounds, including existing renders and painted surfaces, making it the perfect system for ren...

Quicklime - High Calcium Quicklime Pebble and Powder

Cornish Lime
High Calcium Quicklime Pebble and Powder, used for making lime putty and hot-mixed or hot-lime mortars. Description Quicklime is limestone (a rock rich in calcium carbonate) that has undergone a chemical change in a kiln, liberating it of all the carbon an...

Cornerstone Wintermix

Cornish Lime
Natural Hydraulic Lime render, formulated to rapidly develop strength to resit frost damage within 10 days. Description Cornerstone Wintermix is a blend of Natural Hydraulic Lime and secret specially selected herbs and spices. This carefully formulated render...

EuroMix Hydraulic Lime Mortar

CPI EuroMix
EuroMix Hydraulic Lime Mortars are factory produced mortars consisting of dried sands, natural hydraulic lime (NHL) and other additives depending on the mix specified. Recommended Use EuroMix Hydraulic Lime Mortar should be used in accordance with the Foresi...

St. Astier Hourdex

Cornish Lime
Modified lime binder for new build and sustainable development with the addition of grey cement. Description Hourdex is predominately an NHL, it does contain a small amount of cement and additives such as a water retainer and air entrainer that make it a supe...
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Did you know that the most common Finish(es) for products within the Lime category are coating and plaster?

NHL 5 Hydraulic Lime

Natural Hydraulic Lime NHL 5 is typically used for external works in exposed areas such as chimneys, copings, parapets and masonry exposed to severe weather. NHL5 lime mortar provides a faster and harder finish perfect for harder stones etc....

NHL 2 Hydraulic Lime

NHL 2 is a fast setting powdered lime for use with softer bricks and stone, solid wall construction and conservation masonry....

NHL 3.5 Hydraulic Lime

Fast setting powdered lime for use in most normal applications e.g. cavity brickwork, blockwork and stonework....

Lime Putty 23Kg Tub

Full matured pure lime putty made from Chalk in the UK. Blend with sand to produce plasters and mortars or dilute to make limewash....