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    Pumpable Mortar

    Designed to be placed by hand pump for infilling of horizontal and vertical joints between precast concrete elements. Incorporating special shrinkage compensating components to maintain contact within the filled section, it is a high strength mortar designed f...

    Aquatic Mortar Accelerated

    A very fast setting mortar designed for high early strength in wet or under-water situations. Applications include the repairs of tunnels, sewers and pipes, culverts and general water sealing applications, together with tidal and marine structures, harbours, j...

    Pre-blended Pure Lime Mortar.

    Bennett, RH (Consultant)
    The colour chart is a guide. To see the true colour please request a lime mortar biscuit. Alternatively if you send us a small piece of mortar, we will send you the closest matching mortar biscuit. Dry powder samples can be supplied for on site test panels...

    Epoxy Injection Grout

    An epoxy crack injection grout comprising a base component containing solvent-free epoxide resin plus a low viscosity liquid hardener. Can be placed by free flow under gravity or may be injected using a suitable hand or mechanical pump. Grouting of gap dimensi...

    Zero Plus Mortar

    ZeroPlus Mortar is a mix of fine-ground sand, cement and other ingredients specific to Porotherm use: ¥ Mixed locally to laying, it allows for thin joints which still achieve full strength after 24 hours ¥ Unlike traditional mortar, which is often limited t...

    Streetscape® Rapid-Set Jointing Mortar ECO

    Smet Building Products Ltd
    A superior quality rapid-set jointing mortar, manufactured under an ISO 9001 quality controlled environment; using dried sands, recycled aggregates, lime, cement and additives specially designed to meet or exceed the requirements of BS 7533 part 7 & 12. The pr...

    Speedcrete S Acrylic

    High early strength non-shrink co-polymer reinforced concrete incorporating 6mm non ASR reactive aggregate. Designed for use on car parks, forecourts, loading bays, bridge deck repairs, ramps. Pre-blended and ready for mixing on site to produce a mobile repair...

    Parex Fine Bedding Concrete-Silo Supplied

    Available in bulk silos Parex Fine Bedding Concrete (FBC) is a pre-blended, BS 7533 compliant cementitious bedding mortar with added polymers and plasticising agents providing strong and stable bedding for natural stone slabs, paving units and setts. Parex FBC...

    Baumit MC55 W Bonding Mortar

    Mike Wye & Associates
    Suitable as a remediating plaster over existing stable, mineral and synthetic-resin-based plasters, renders and paintwork. Also suitable as a keying coat on concrete and insulating boards or as a finely sponged thin coat render on concrete formwork and thin jo...

    Parex Standard Mortar

    PAREX Standard gun-injected mortars are specially formulated to provide high quality, durable finishing for paving and hard landscaping projects. They are technically-advanced, easy to use, economical and overcome the variations and inconsistencies often exper...
    Did you know that the most common Typical Use for products within the Mortars & Limes category are Crane rail tracks , Paving units and Concrete repair?'

    Silo Mortar

    Larsen Building Products
    Larsen Silo Mortar is a factory controlled, prescribed general purpose 6:1 masonry mortar for external use in elements subject to structural requirements. It is a blend of specially graded, kiln dried sands, Portland cement and air entraining agents. It is su...

    Acrylic Mortar

    Acrylic Mortar is an exceptional concrete repair product with low alkali content, moderately fast setting and high ultimate strength properties. Both summer and winter grades are available for the repair of precast, in-situ and reinforced concrete. Skilled rep...

    RonaBond Bedding Mortar

    RonaBond Bedding Mortar is a high strength prepacked polymer modified mortar for bedding brick slips and bonding copings and other building components to concrete and suitable building surfaces. It is strong, durable and resistant to water and frost attack. Ro...

    Blanc du Littoral

    A bright white one-coat, breathable, weather resistant and decorative render for internal and external masonry and concrete walls. It can be used on walls constructed from concrete blocks, clay bricks, cast/shuttered concrete etc. It is not suitable for lightw...

    PAREX Historic Mortar

    PAREX Historic is a Portland cement-free mortar designed for applications where older buildings require repointing. Typically used for refurbishment of early to mid 20th Century structures, Historic Mortar, a traditional hydrated lime/sand and GGBS mortar, pro...

    EuroMix Coloured Mortar

    CPI EuroMix
    Designers know that coloured mortars are an ideal way to enhance the appearance of brickwork. Choose EuroMix and you can be sure you're getting the best. Select from our extensive range of standard colours or alternatively why not avail of our Colour Design S...

    RonaBond Concrete Repair Mortar

    RonaBond Concrete Repair Mortar is a general purpose British Board of Agrément approved prepacked concrete repair mortar for repairing concrete and protecting reinforcing steel. The repair mortar will have “at least the life of the surrounding concrete” (...

    Ronafix for Concrete Repair Mix A

    Ronafix is a high strength polymer additive for mortars for repairing concrete and enhancing the protection of steel reinforcement. It is strong, durable and resistant to water and frost attack. Ronafix has been tested by the British Board of Agrement as a con...


    A dry spray concrete designed for application by dry spray delivery, with water added at the nozzle, polymer reinforced and shrinkage compensated: for all shotcrete applications. Meets DTp BD27/86 pt 5. Available in Summer and Winter grades Spraycrete can be s...

    Voltex Granules

    Granular sodium bentonite used as a detailing accessory product for Volclay Waterproofing Systems. VOLTEX GRANULES is a coarse-grained, chemically-treated granular sodium bentonite, used as part of the Volclay Waterproofing System for a variety of detailing ...
    Did you know that the most common Certifications for products within the Mortars & Limes category are ISO 9001 , ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001?'

    TecFast Concrete

    A rapid setting, free-flowing concrete, for thick section placement, where high early strength gain is required. It can be placed at temperatures down to 5°C and allows road opening in one hour under normal conditions. Compliant with EN1504-3 for concrete rep...

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