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    Blanc du Littoral

    A bright white one-coat, breathable, weather resistant and decorative render for internal and external masonry and concrete walls. It can be used on walls constructed from concrete blocks, clay bricks, cast/shuttered concrete etc. It is not suitable for lightw...

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    SBR Liquid

    Styrene butadiene latex formula designed to polymer reinforce site mix renders and screeds. SBR Liquid can be mixed with cements, sand-cement mortars and concretes to produce mixes with a high bond strength to existing concrete, masonry and reinforcing steel. ...

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    Ready-To-Use Mortar

    From a small domestic extension to a major multi-storey development, CEMEX ready-to-use mortar is ideally suited to every application. With a proven track record of delivering consistently high quality factory produced mortar and excellent support, CEMEX ready...

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    PAREX Historic Mortar

    PAREX Historic is a Portland cement-free mortar designed for applications where older buildings require repointing. Typically used for refurbishment of early to mid 20th Century structures, Historic Mortar, a traditional hydrated lime/sand and GGBS mortar, pro...

    Gobetis Special A

    A substrate preparation render made using hydraulic mortar, especially formulated for restoring or reworking plaster facades. Can be applied as a first layer scratch or keycoat onto masonry which has had the original render or plaster removed to produce a roug...

    NHL 2 Hydraulic Lime

    NHL 2 is a fast setting powdered lime for use with softer bricks and stone, solid wall construction and conservation masonry....


    Kerbfix is a polyester mortar specially designed for fixing kerbs. It is suitable for bedding kerb stones directly on to Macadam or concrete roadways, and for the fixing of barriers. Extremely rapid setting ensures the earliest opening of roads with new kerbs....

    Epoxy Adhesive 305

    An epoxy resin-based compound suitable for placing using hand tools or by means of a hand held applicator gun. The three-pack product consists of resin in a mixing tub, a bottle of hardener and a bag of specially graded fillers. Epoxy Adhesive 305 is used for ...

    Speedcrete S Acrylic

    High early strength non-shrink co-polymer reinforced concrete incorporating 6mm non ASR reactive aggregate. Designed for use on car parks, forecourts, loading bays, bridge deck repairs, ramps. Pre-blended and ready for mixing on site to produce a mobile repair...

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    Parex Bond Plus Priming Mortar

    Parex Bond Plus Priming Mortar is fully compliant with the requirements of the relevant parts of BS 7533 and is designed for use as a “scrub coat”. The pre-blended product is ready for on-site mixing and only requires the measured addition of water. It is ...
    Did you know that the most common Typical Use for products within the Mortars & Limes category are Crane rail tracks , Paving units and Concrete repair?'

    Epoxy Thixotropic Crack Bonder

    A powerful stay-in-place construction adhesive supplied in three parts. Placed using a Tecgrip Gun and Tecgrip Cartridge or may be injected using a suitable hand pump. Filling of gap dimensions 1mm to 40mm may be achieved without the use of grout tight shutter...

    Super C

    A very low and moderate temperature use Magnesium phosphate based mortar designed for use in cold rooms and other extreme situations. Can be trafficked in less than one hour. Designed for use in cold rooms and externally for repairs to concrete surfaces and ca...

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    GP Grout

    A general purpose non-shrink grout with good flow and moderate strength properties for placement where moderate to high mechanical strength will suffice. The grout is easy to mix using a grout mixer or drill and paddle followed by pouring or pumping. The shrin...

    Dry Silo Mortar

    CEMEX dry silo mortar provides an innovative and efficient solution to mortar delivery, particularly to larger sites. With one of the largest available tanker fleets in the country, we can offer a first class replenishment service With guaranteed next day repl...


    A cement-based ultra rapid setting plugging mortar designed to plug leaks and seal joints to resist inflow of water. Aquaplug sets in two to five minutes is used in situations where sealing against live water or grout movement is required. Areas of use include...

    Ronafix Pre-Packed Tanking Render

    Ronafix Pre-packed Tanking Render is a high performance pre-bagged, water based polymer modified mortar for producing waterproof renders. The cured mortar bonds monolithically to concrete and other surfaces and will resist both positive and negative pressure. ...

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    Maite Monocomposant

    A multi-purpose coloured mortar suitable for use as an insulation adhesive, for creating a base coat and for finishing off exterior insulation systems with a thin coating. The single mix forms part of the PAREXDIRECT render systems, PAREXTHERM exterior insulat...

    Epoxy Injection Grout

    An epoxy crack injection grout comprising a base component containing solvent-free epoxide resin plus a low viscosity liquid hardener. Can be placed by free flow under gravity or may be injected using a suitable hand or mechanical pump. Grouting of gap dimensi...

    CP 636 Firestop mortar

    Base materials: Concrete, Masonry. Approvals: Z-19.15-1148. Application temperature range: 5 - 30 °C. ...

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    SBR Friction Coat

    An advanced anti-skid coating which is suitable for a broad range of applications including as a thin overlay to prevent skidding by vehicular traffic. The polymer-reinforced cement-based material is suitable for road junctions, ramps and car parks. It can als...
    Did you know that the most common Certifications for products within the Mortars & Limes category are ISO 9001 , ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001?'

    EuroMix Masonry Mortar

    CPI EuroMix
    EuroMix Masonry Mortar is a premixed blend of dried sands, cement and additives designed to produce a mortar with excellent workability and durability. Key Benefits: Consistent mix proportions Standard and custom mix designs available Better quality mortar m...

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