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Other popular types of Fixing & Jointing Materials include; Adhesives, Joint Sealants and Grouts.

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Power Grab n Bond - Heavy Duty Vertical Bonding

The revolutionary development in heavy duty vertical bonding. Based on our CT1 unique sealant and construction adhesive formulation. Power Grab n Bond is a revolutionary product in the field of heavy duty versatile bonding. It’s formulation is based on ou...

Dynamic Bond

T.I. Dynamic Facades
An insurance backed and guaranteed facade bonding system suitablefor all facade panels. A unique solution for facade installation, a purpose designed and manufactured adhesive system that will bond any facade panel to metal, timber, concrete, stone substructur...

FIX-IN - Bonding Agents

AGC Glass UK
New FIX-IN system: a range of glass bonding products for interior application (including walls, furniture, doors, displays, offices, bathrooms, ...) FIX-IN products have been specially designed for installing AGC's top interior glass products, such as Mirox, L...

Sopro HSF 748 Flexible Bonding Slurry with Trass

Smet Building Products Ltd
A one-component, trass-bearing, high polymer-modified bonding and contact slurry for laying of ceramic tiling, natural, cast stone coverings and paving units. Sopro HSF 748 is a trass-bearing, cementitious bonding slurry, offering smooth, easy workability and ...


Multi-purpose priming, sealing or use as an admixture. - Improves flexibility - Improves adhesion - Provides water and frost resistance - Admix for screeds and renders...

Prime Bond

Norcros Adhesives
Norcros Prime Bond is a multipurpose water based synthetic SBR polymer. It is water and weather resistant and is suitable for internal and external use on a wide range of substrates as a primer, sealer, dust proofer, slurry bonding coat and admixture in screed...

Ultim8 B plus

Norcros Adhesives
A water-based ready mixed synthetic latex polymer contact adhesive which, when used with Norcros Pro Board, provides a system solution for fixing ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles to bituminous surfaces such as bitumen paint, damp proof membranes, ext...


Axalta Powder Coating Systems UK
Coathylene ultra-fine precipitated or milled thermoplastic powders are based on medium to high molecular weight polyolefin resins with average particle sizes down to 10 microns. The Coathylene product range also includes coarser milled powders specifically dev...

Bostik Screedmaster Universal Primer

A water based, solvent free, acrylic dispersion primer. Use as a primer/bonding agent prior to the application of any of the Screedmaster range of smoothing compounds....

Bostik Screedmaster Epoxy Primer

A two part, water based epoxy primer. For use as a primer/bonding agent for difficult substrates. ...
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Did you know that the most common Typical Use for products within the Bonding Agents category are Anti-Caking additive for EPDM industry , Ceramic tiles and Dustproofing?'

Caberfix Joint&Joist

Caberfix Joint&Joist is a PU adhesive and sealant. It is used to create a strong, silent and flexible bond between Caberdek floors and joists. It will bond to a wide variety of materials and can also be used to provide a 100% guaranteed waterproof seal in tong...

Caberfix T&G PVA

CaberfixT&G® is a powerful, fast-setting PVA D3 glue designed for sealing and fixing Norbord Caberdek and other Norbord tongue and groove flooring products. T&G is water resistant and forms a strong, hard and rigid glue line....

Dinesen Wood Glue

Dinesen Floors
Moisture-resistant wood glue for gluing end joints and wooden plugs in Dinesen planks. Never apply glue to the long sides of floor planks. You can find more information on how to use Dinesen Wood Glue in Dinesen’s “Installation” instructions....

Flashing Bond

Garland UK
These cold-applied, asphalt-based mastics are used for patching and leak repair on asphalt roofing systems. The high solids asphalt content, double fibre reinforcement, and plasticising oils improve low-temperature performance while also eliminating run or sag...

Caberfix Tape

CaberfixTape® is a polyethylene-coated cloth tape for sealing Caberdek perimeters to walls and for sealing joints during construction phases. It will stick well to irregular surfaces, is easy to tear and has high peel strength....


A bonding adhesive for one-sided adhesion of Hertalan EPDM onto horizontal surfaces and slopes up to 20º. Onto surfaces such as timber, bitumen, concrete and suitably faced rigid thermal insulation boards. Coverage approx. 20 m². Available in 6 kg cans. ...