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    Sealant - CT1 - The Snag List Eliminator

    Sealant for all applications, including bathrooms and general building maintenance CT1 replaces: Wood and P.U. adhesives, silicone sealants,, sanitary silicone sealants, acrylic sealants, butyl rubber sealants. ● As a universal adhesive CT1 bonds to most su...

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    White Star Plus - Ready-mixed wall tile adhesive

    BAL Adhesives
    Newly formulated with our advanced Fibre Strand Technology, BAL White Star Plus is a ready-mixed adhesive for walls. Highly flexible and non-slip BAL White Star Plus is water-resistant and suitable for fixing ceramics, mosiacs and porcelain tiles and some natu...


    ISO-Chemie GmbH
    ISO-CONNECT OUTSIDE EPDM is an elastomer sealing foil for the external sealing of window and door elements in façade constructions. Its special breathable membrane guarantees high resistance to the influences of the weather despite favourable diffusion proper...

    SF512 Water Resistant Adhesive

    SF512 is a single component product derived from advanced MS polymer technology, for use with PVC & rubber flooring. SF512 has been specially developed for bonding PVC and rubber floor coverings to a wide range of substrates, including; concrete substrates ce...

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    CS100 Epoxy Primer

    CS100 Epoxy Primer is a two part water based epoxy primer and bonding agent. CS100 Epoxy Primer is designed to prime Tremco surface damp proof membranes and other non-porous surfaces before the application of TREMCO smoothing compounds. Specifically formulat...

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    SF404 Fire Retardant Epoxy Adhesive

    SF404 is a two part epoxy based, self extinguishing adhesive of thixotropic consistency, formulated for ambient temperature curing. SF404 has been specifically developed for the bonding of all resilient (eg. rubber, vinyl and linoleum) and textile floor cover...

    Rapidset Flexible Fibre - Tile adhesive

    BAL Adhesives
    Rapid-setting highly polymer modified, water/ frost resistant cementitious tile adhesive for walls and floors....

    Fastflow Poly 1 LF Adhesive for Insulation and Membrane

    Fastflow Poly 1 LF Adhesive is an easy-to-use, single component polyurethane adhesive. It is a low foaming adhesive, so it rises to tolerate very minor undulations in the roof deck, and is suitable for attaching both insulation and flat roofing membranes. Fas...


    Porable thickbed tile adhesive for use with natural stone and porcelain floor tiles. - Flexible - Self levelling - For floor tiling - Interior and exterior use...

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    LD730 Acrylic Sealant

    Usage / Purpose LD730 is a flexible, mould resistant acrylic sealant for use in painting and decorating. It provides an over-paintable seal for filling cracks and gaps around door and window frames, penetrations, damaged plaster and other wall and ceiling sur...

    Rockwool FirePro Intumescent Expansion Joint Seal

    A compressible linear gap fire seal formed by shrink wrapping graphite based intumescent polymer to both faces of a Rockwool core to provide up to four hours fire resistance when tested to BS 476-20. The expansion joint seal is supplied in pre-formed lengths ...

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    Lead Pointing Sealant

    BLM British Lead
    BLM Lead Pointing Sealant is specifically designed for pointing joints between Lead and masonry or brickwork; a low modular, non-corrosive, neutral cure silicone sealant which can be applied easily using a mastic gun. Ensures long-term protection against wa...

    Ultim8 B plus

    Norcros Adhesives
    A water-based ready mixed synthetic latex polymer contact adhesive which, when used with Norcros Pro Board, provides a system solution for fixing ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles to bituminous surfaces such as bitumen paint, damp proof membranes, ext...

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    ISO-Chemie GmbH
    ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD has unusual properties. The innovative window connection foil adapts to the seasonal temperature and vapour diffusion gradients which occur from the inside outwards or the outside inwards. Thus ISO-CONNECT VARIO SD belongs to a completely ...

    LD410 Duct Sealant

    Usage / Purpose LD410 has been designed for the permanent sealing of low movement assembly joints in low, medium and high pressure ductwork installations to prevent loss of air pressure. When correctly applied, the product is capable of sealing to the air lea...

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    FJ200 Gap Seal

    Nullifire Nullifire FJ200 Gap Seal is a cost effective, water resistant, flexible, compressible fire rated strip. In the event of a fire, Nullifire FJ200 can provide up to 2 hours fire protection, acoustic and smoke seal to building gaps and movement joints, w...

    theWORKS Multi-Use Sealant and Adhesive

    theWORKS sealant and adhesive means you can manage all kinds of jobs that are impossible with a traditional solvent or water based adhesive. There’s no shrinkage, no staining, no solvents and no need for additional fixings for most applications. It resists m...

    Bostik Laybond Wood

    A filled solution of synthetic polymer resins in a blend of solvents. Formulated to trowel consistency. For bonding of solid and engineered flooring to strong, sound dry substrates. High strength. Bonds all woods including parquet, wood block and wood strip. S...

    Max-Flex Fibre - Tile adhesive and grout

    BAL Adhesives
    High strength, highly flexible, non-slip, water/ frost-resistant cementitious tile adhesive for walls and floors....

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    Superfast Plus - Adhesive

    SUPERFAST PLUS is an adhesive which bonds in seconds and has a special formula based on Cyanacrylate. SUPERFAST PLUS is a one component adhesive which does not contain solvent and consists mainly of Athyl Cyanacrylate Monomer. SUPERFAST PLUS is temperature ...

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    Pro Joint V35 UV

    Nexus Professional Surfacing Systems
    A very advanced but simple to use solution to filling joints between paving slabs and setts, suitable for all types of natural stone and concrete paving on pedestrian and vehicular areas upto 3.5 tonnes. The single component PU resin is mixed with the sand in ...

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