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Other popular types of Film & Foil include; Glass, Waterproofing Membranes and Plastic Sheets.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Timber-Based Boards include; Certifications, Finish(es) and Material.

Versaliner Sheathing Panel

Performance Technology
One of the first MgO boards to gain third party accreditation after undergoing a rigorous test and assessment procedure as part of the the KIWA BDA Agrément process. For use as an external SFS sheathing board or racking board for timber frame systems. ...

OSM Offsite Manufacturing

Resistant Building Products Limited
Off-site Manufacturing is becoming ever more popular in modern day construction as it has many benefits and can be used in a wide range of building types. The Multi-Pro XS Magnesium Oxide Building Boards are ideal to be used in Off-Site Manufacturing as a fire...

Render Carrier Multi-Rend

Resistant Building Products Limited
What is it? Resistant Multi-Rend board is a high strength external render carrier board suitable for any location across the British Isles. It is a vapour permeable, A1 Non-combustible building board with excellent dimensional stability. Multi-Rend is moistur...

Passive Fire Protection for Walls and Ceilings

Resistant Building Products Limited
Passive Fire Protection is the use of fire resistant materials such as Magnesium Oxide Building Boards to contain fires or slow the spread of fires through Walls, Ceilings etc. All the Resistant Products are A1 Non-Combustible. We have carried out a wide ran...

Multi-Pro MoistSure

Resistant Building Products Limited
Magnesium Tile Backer Board for Walls and Floors Gypsum and Plywood products are frequently used as a tiling substrate in showers and bathrooms where stud walls are common. Both these substrates are susceptible to deterioration upon contact with Moisture. Thi...

Veneered Boards

Creffields (Timber & Boards) Ltd
Veneered Boards and Boarding. As suppliers to construction companies in the Exhibition and Showroom markets, Creffields have seen strong growth in the demand for high quality veneered boards. We now offer bespoke veneered boards in a variety of veneer finish...

Medite FQ - Timber-Based Boards

Medite Tricoya
Medite FQ is a suitable substrate for a wide variety of overlay materials such as wood veneers, high pressure laminates, and melamine impregnated paper overlays. Medite FQ is suitable for use in internal dry conditions as defined in EN 622 part 5. Boards of th...

Various Non-Combustible Applications

Resistant Building Products Limited
All the Resistant boards are A1 Non-Combustible. (Multi-Pro, Multi-Pro XS, Render Pro and Moistsure) They have been tested in accordance with EN 13501-1:2007 +A1:2009. (This report is obtainable from the downloads section on this page). A1 Non-Combustibility ...

Medite Premier FR

Medite Tricoya
Medite Premier FR MDF Euro Class B and C, formerly Class 0 and Class 1 BS 476 part 6 & 7 respectively panel products, are suitable for use as wall linings, partitions, display panels, ceilings etc. Typical installations are: hotel foyers, offices, public libra...

Medite Ultralite

Medite Tricoya
The range of product applications for Medite Ultralite MDF includes, for example, exhibition stands, television and film studio sets, shopfitting components, caravan and mobile home components, wrapped moulding and picture frames, aircraft and shipbuilding ind...
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Did you know that the most common Finish(es) for products within the Timber-Based Boards category are smooth , face and coated?'

Medite Exterior

Medite Tricoya
Medite Exterior (EN 622-H2) is used as a substitute for softwood, hardwood, plywood, plastic and metal in non-stressed applications. It can be used for a wide range of external applications including: external signs, shop fronts and external woodwork including...

Medite Ecologique

Medite Tricoya
Medite Ecologique is a panel product suitable for use in non-stressed applications. Medite Ecologique is ideal for cabinets, display cases, furniture, fixtures and mouldings designed for environmentally sensitive areas such as museums, laboratories, art galler...

ELKA Strong Boards

Ecological Building Systems
Elka Strong Board (ESB) is a highly diffusion open, structural wood particle board. Intended for use in load bearing structural elements in humid condition and is categorised as a P5 racking board. When compared to a standard OSB3 panel, ESB has a signif...

Medite MR - Timber-Based Boards

Medite Tricoya
Medite MR Moisture Resistant MDF (EN 622-H1) is used as a substitute for softwoods and hardwoods, and as a panel product in non-stressed applications. It is successfully used for kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, architectural mouldings, skirting boards, ...

Base Board 10

Resistant Building Products Limited
Resistant Base Board 10 is a high quality, high performance, A1 Non-Combustible general purpose 10mm magnesium oxide building board. The boards are very robust, resistant to the effects of weather and dimensionally stable during the construction phase of the p...

Medite Premier

Medite Tricoya
The range of product applications for Medite Premier MDF includes contemporary and KD furniture, reproduction furniture, children’s toys, snooker tables, shopfitting, hi-fi speaker cabinets and doors. Medite Premier MDF is produced using superior wood refin...

Medite Vent

Medite Tricoya
Medite Vent is a breathable sheathing panel suited to diffusion open systems with a very low water vapour diffusion factor to prevent condensation. It has zero added formaldehyde, contributing to healthy environments. Medite Vent MDF is a high performance bre...

Pavadentro Internal Wood Fibre Insulation Board: Pavatex

Mike Wye & Associates
Pavadentro wood fibre insulation board is used to insulate the internal face of external walls. The board has a built in membrane layer to help prevent the build up of interstitial condensation. Pavadentro is an innovative, ecological internal insulation. It a...


Neat Concepts Ltd
Neatform is a high quality bendable sheet material. It is a processed sheet of MDF, which is widely recommended by architects and designers and used by woodworkers where top quality curved shapes or surfaces are required. Neatform has a smooth pre sanded (120...

Tropical Hardwood Plywood

Falcon Panel Products Ltd
We stock a wide range of tropical hardwood plywood in grade BB/CC with an exterior glue line. We currently import from the Far East, South America and China and regularly visit our suppliers to ensure our reputation for quality is maintained. We stock a wide...
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Did you know that the most common Material(s) for products within the Timber-Based Boards category are fabric , MDF and plywood?'

Medite Trade

Medite Tricoya
Medite Trade MDF is suitable for a variety of general applications. Medite Trade MDF is a general, purpose MDF suitable for most on site applications, for more demanding applications choose Medite Premier. Benefits include easier handling, lower transport cos...