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Search 160+ Glass from leading Film & Foil manufacturers including; Guardian Glass, AGC Glass UK and Wright Style Limited.

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Other popular types of Film & Foil include; Waterproofing Membranes, Timber-Based Boards and Plastic Sheets.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Glass include; Thickness, Typical Use and Material.

MagnX E - Glass

GX Glass
MagnX magnetic backpainted glass is a bespoke Gx Glass product used for glass dry wipe boards, wall cladding and interactive display boards. MagnX E: 5mm single sided form, suitable for wall and furniture cladding, which is mastic fixed*, allowing it to be...

Low-E Energy Saving Glass

CN Glass, trading name of Chipping Norton Glass Ltd
Low-E Energy Saving Glass can only be used for glazing as part of a Double Glazed Unit. Low E Energy Saving Glass is designed to help insulate your home by keeping as much heat inside as possible. Low E Energy Saving Glass has a transparent metallic coating o...

Gothic Glass

Barron Glass
This pattern is faithfully reproduced from Pugin's original design circa 1840. The pattern is available in combinations of Etch-Blue, Etch-Green, Etch-Amber or plain Etch....

Safety Glass

CN Glass, trading name of Chipping Norton Glass Ltd
Achieved by heating annealed glass to approx 620°C within a furnace at which point it begins to soften, this is then cooled rapidly. When broken, Toughened Glass fractures into small pieces (called dice). As these particles do not have sharp edges and dagger ...

MagnX CF - Glass

GX Glass
MagnX magnetic dry wipe glass memo boards are fixed size boards that can be hung portrait or landscape using concealed fixings. They come in 13 standard sizes and 38 standard colours. All glass used is toughened low iron glass (which has no green tint), whic...

Toughened Laminated Glass Products

Kite Glass Ltd
Kite Glass is one of the UK’s leading toughened glass suppliers of: architectural, laminated, security, blast resistant, decorative and bullet proof glass. We supply and install toughened laminated glass for: Our philosophy is simple and straightforward ...

The Vase Design Glass

Barron Glass
The Vase designs are based on a door panel design of the 1860’s. In the Fanlight the vase is removed from the centre so that a name or number may be incorporated into the panel. The designs are produced with clear detail on an etch background. The design is ...


Elegant, refined and distinctive Transparency of an another kind: With its finely lined surface texture, SCHOTT RIVULETTA® colorless flat glass allows for an elegant combination of vision and privacy, simply ideal for contemporary interiors that combine the ...

Matelux - Glass

AGC Glass UK
ACID-ETCHED GLASSES Float glass, one side of which has a high-quality acid-etched finish. Translucent, neutral satin-finish glass: more transparent than Lacomat or sandblasted glass. Acid-etched glasses are easy to maintain and highly resistant to stains. Mul...

LamiGlass Colour Lami Light Bronze 5558

Guardian Glass
LamiGlass light bronze uses a coloured interlayer rather than a clear interlayer to bond 2 or more pieces of glass....
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Did you know that the Length for products within the Glass category, can range from 50 mm to 6000 mm and the average is 1604 mm?

LamiGlass Colour Lami Opal Diffused 2165

Guardian Glass
LamiGlass Opal Diffused uses a white interlayer rather than a clear interlayer to bond 2 or more pieces of glass....

LamiGlass Colour Lami Grey 6544

Guardian Glass
LamiGlass grey uses a coloured interlayer rather than a clear interlayer to bond 2 or more pieces of glass. ...

LamiGlass Colour Lami Bronze 3628

Guardian Glass
LamiGlass bronze uses a coloured interlayer rather than a clear interlayer to bond 2 or more pieces of glass....

Bird Roundels

Barron Glass
Our bird roundels are produced using glass enamels and silver stain, kiln fired onto Sahara glass. These are designed to be incorporated into traditional leaded lights. The size of the roundel is 152mm (6inches), thickness of the glass is 3mm. These are sold e...

Impact Resistant Glazing - Safety Glazing (Fybaglaze Range)

Bay Plastics Ltd
Safety glazing or impact resistant glazing - specifically Fybaglaze products, are possibly the toughest glazing materials available. Panels are virtually unbreakable and have a high resistance to impact (conformable to BS5544 steel ball test), shock and wind l...

Texture Glass

Pilkington United Kingdom Ltd
For privacy, pure style or to allow more light into internal rooms, decorative glass gives you a whole range of attractive options. In fact, Pilkington gives you no fewer than 18 different patterned glass designs – from classic to contemporary, no-one offers...

Glazing and Hardware Options

Ace Windows NE
At ACE Windows NE we care about our customers and take great pride in offering our clients as many options as possible. Here you will find some of the many different glass options you can choose from. Whether you are seeking energy-efficient windows in order...


SCHOTT ARTISTA® clear glass is made from the finest quality low-iron sheet glass. The crystal-like clarity of the glass showcases the interior and makes the space appear larger. The subtle structured pattern brings life and sparkle to the room....

Glassiled - Glass

AGC Glass UK
CAPTURE THE LIGHT Glassiled is a new range of laminated glass with embedded RGB or Monocolour Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) . The LEDs are powered through a high performance invisible conductive coating. Glassiled can be used: in façades, atriums, conservato...

Element Glazing Solutions

Sun Trade Windows, Doors & Conservatories
When designing a conservatory choosing the right type of glass is crucial, which is why, alongside our industry leading partners, we have developed Element glazing options tailored around the perfect conservatory. To allow a conservatory to be used all year...
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Did you know that the Width for products within the Glass category, can range from 170 mm to 2600 mm and the average is 928 mm?

Borders - Glass & Plastic Sheets / Boards

Barron Glass
The border deisgns are available in etch, blue enamel, amber stain and etch / amber, as shown below. Clematis, Vine and Regency Swirl are suitable for glazing widths of 115 to 165mm. Small Vine may be used for glazing widhts of 65 to 165mm. All borders are ...