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    Single Layer ETFE

    Architen Landrell
    Architects and designers are using ETFE single layer systems to create dynamic all weatherproof spaces. Because ETFE is lightweight, there is great cost savings to be had by reducing the size of the supporting framework and foundations. The demand for econo...

    PALIGHT - Plastic Sheets

    PALIGHT is a lightweight, versatile, flexible, and durable foamed PVC sheet that is widely used in sign and display, as well as construction applications. PALIGHT exhibits the whitest available surface and was successfully tested by the majority of digital fla...

    Lightweight Dropside System

    Aalco has extended the stock range of lightweight body-building components to include Heavy Duty Aluminium Dropside Pillars. These provide high strength without the additional weight penalty of steel sections thus maximising payload. Customers can now source a...


    Delta Membrane Systems Limited
    Structured separating layer for ventilated and non-ventilated pitched roofs with metal covering. As DELTA-TRELA PLUS, with integrated self-adhesive edge for fast, windproof laying....

    SUNLITE - Glass & Plastic Sheets / Boards

    SUNLITE has a cellular polycarbonate structure that yields a lightweight sheet with high impact strength and superior thermal insulation. High light transmission makes SUNLITE ideal for varied roofing, wall cladding, and glazing applications. Interior designer...

    Correx - Composite Panels

    Correx is a tough, durable and impact resistant protection board, available in a range of different options to suit specific project requirements. The twin-walled polypropylene construction of the Correx boards makes them suitable for both internal and externa...

    Contraflam 30 Climaplus

    Vetrotech Saint Gobain
    Contraflam® 30 Climaplus is a fire-resistant safety glass, offering effective radiant heat reduction. It contains an interlayer that becomes opaque in the event of fire and acts as a heat shield, insulating against the fire for 30 minutes. Contraflam® 30 Cli...

    WISA-Birch Premium

    WISA-Birch Premium is the perfect choice when a beautiful, light visual look is desired without compromising good strength properties. It is made out of environmentally-certified Nordic Birch and it meets the E1 formaldehyde emission requirements. Properties ...

    Heat - Solar Control Window Films

    The Window Film Company UK
    he Window Film Company supply a specialist range of solar control window films, specifically designed to reduce the build-up of heat within your home or conservatory. The heat generated by the sun can steadily build through the day, resulting in rooms becomin...

    WT1 - Waterproofing Technology No.1 - Waterproof Membrane

    INTRODUCING… WT1 – Waterproofing Technology No.1 REPAIR, WATERPROOF, SEAL WT1 is the ultimate replacement for all bitumen based roof membrane with excellent adhesion to brick, stone, concrete, polyester, lead, metals and plastics. WT1 is a comp...
    Did you know that the most common Typical Use for products within the Film & Foil category are Interior , Doors and Furniture?'

    PALGLAS - Glass

    PALGLAS offers unsurpassed light transmission, matching that of glass while weighing half. Inherently UV resistant, PALGLAS is the ultimate choice in high traffic acoustic barriers, resisting gasses emitted from vehicles. PALGLAS has high clarity and formabili...

    Medite Ultralite

    Medite Tricoya
    The range of product applications for Medite Ultralite MDF includes, for example, exhibition stands, television and film studio sets, shopfitting components, caravan and mobile home components, wrapped moulding and picture frames, aircraft and shipbuilding ind...

    Core Board

    Knauf Core Board is designed to be used in conjunction with the Knauf Shaftwall systems....

    Proofex Engage

    Proofex Engage is a pre-applied membrane which mechanically bonds to poured concrete. This unique patented waterproof membrane system incorporates a cell mesh, bonded to a blended polyethylene / polypropylene membrane, which allows poured concrete to interlo...

    Foam PVC Sheet: Palight & Foamex

    Bay Plastics Ltd
    Foam PVC Palight sheets are ideal for indoor and outdoor use in advertising, construction and industry. Palight sheets feature lightweight, durable and versatile surfaces which can be painted, printed, engraved or milled, according to customer specifications. ...

    Contraflam Structure Lite 60

    Vetrotech Saint Gobain
    Contraflam® Structure Lite 60 is a fire-resistant safety glass where the individual panes are frameless. Instead, only the outer edge of the complete structure has a frame. This effectively provides a “frameless” fire protection solution for flush-glazed ...

    Alupanel XT, Aluminum Composite Panel

    Multipanel UK
    The Alupanel XT Series is the modern option for creating beautiful, cost effective exterior cladding solutions from aluminium composite panels, for curtain walling and facades. The immense range of fixing options, combined with the processing and folding poss...

    Contraflam Structure 30

    Vetrotech Saint Gobain
    Contraflam® Structure 30 is a fire resistant safety glass and offers frameless fire protection for flush-glazed interiors, offering greater design flexibility and exceptional light transmission. It contains an interlayer that becomes opaque in the event of fi...

    Tambour - Timber Veneers

    Bamboo Surfaces, Div of MWC Group
    Tambour is bamboo in a flexible form, often applied to cover a carrier panel (i.e. MDF). The bamboo strips have not been pressed together, but have been connected in an alternative, flexible way. There are 3 possibilities: ‘Tatamat  - the bamboo strips hav...

    LamiGlass Colour Lami Grey 6544

    Guardian Glass
    LamiGlass grey uses a coloured interlayer rather than a clear interlayer to bond 2 or more pieces of glass. ...
    Did you know that the Thickness for products within the Film & Foil category, can range from 0.03 mm to 6250 mm and the average is 48 mm?

    Contraflam Lite 90 Climaplus

    Vetrotech Saint Gobain
    Contraflam® Lite 90 Climaplus is a fire-resistant safety glass that provides protection against flames, smoke and gases, and offers effective radiant heat reduction for 90 minutes. It contains an intumescent interlayer that becomes opaque in the event of fire...

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