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Search 10 Cast-in Channels from leading Fasteners & Anchoring Devices manufacturers including; Halfen, ACS Stainless and J&P Building Systems.

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Other popular types of Fasteners & Anchoring Devices include; Screws, Wall Ties and Fixing Clips / Brackets.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Cast-in Channels include; Material, Length and Max Length.

HBT - Rebend Connections

HALFEN HBT rebend connections are used for the efficient connection of concrete components, which are poured in different phases and connected together. The casing is made of galvanized sheet steel with special beading and pre-punched grip holes so that the co...

HALFEN HTA-CE Cast-in Channels

Besides excellent adjustability HALFEN Cast-in channels offer enormous time saving in installation. The result: fast construction and therefore cost-effective. HALFEN cast-in channels are the ideal basis for easy-to-install, adjustable connection. A full foa...

25-15 Frame Fix ULTRA Channel

ACS Stainless
ACS 25/15 Frame Fix Channel has been developed in response to the increasing need to tie masonry cladding back to steel framed structures....

HZA - DYNAGRIP Cast-In Channels

DYNAGRIP HALFEN Channels are a new development for applications with high loads, where the channel is cast in vertically. The special toothed channels guarantee a positive mechanical connection, additionally the HZA DYNAGRIP HALFEN Channels can safely absorb f...

Channels - Cast-in Channels

ACS Stainless
ACS can supply a wide range of channels and T head bolts to suit almost any application within the construction industry. Channels & T head bolts may be supplied in a variety of lengths and materials to suit your specific needs....

HMS - Brick Tie Channels

HALFEN Brickwork restraint systems are efficient and reliable fixings designed to tie all brickwork, facings and partitions, (with or without cavity or insulation). HALFEN ML or BL brick ties connect masonry facades to concrete walls, columns or steel and wood...

HLB Loop Box

The HLB Loop Box is used to connect concrete elements with each other in an efficient and time saving way. In the corresponding precasting works, the boxes are built into two concrete components which need to be connected (for example walls). The concrete elem...

HGB - Balustrade Fixings

Construction specialists consider HALFEN handrail connections type HGB to be particularly well suited for fastening banisters to the thin edges of balcony slabs. With the easily cast-in HGB channels and their corresponding high-tensile Halfen bolts A4 – 7...

Anchor Channels

J&P Building Systems
Together with the appropriate JORDAHL® hammer-head and hooked-head Bolts and JORDAHL® accessories, the cold-formed JORDAHL® Anchor Channels form a versatile and proven fastening system. They absorb static tensile and shear loads vertical to the channel axis...

HTU - Cast-In Channels

HTU cast-in channels in beams or columns are ideal for attaching profiled metal sheets with self-tapping screws, self-drilling screws or set bolts. Tensile and shear forces can be accommodated. The HALFEN HTU channels are the perfect technical solution for fas...
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Did you know that the Length for products within the Cast-in Channels category, can range from 0.8 mm to 6000 mm and the average is 2025 mm?