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Other popular types of Fasteners & Anchoring Devices include; Wall Ties, Fixing Clips / Brackets and Screws.

Important criteria to consider when specifying Brick / Cladding Support Systems include; Material(s), Typical Use and Height.

Façade Support Systems

Aliva UK Ltd
All of Aliva’s façade support systems are carefully designed to ensure that the buildings we clad are secured to the very highest standards, supervised by our own technical design managers. High wind loads, large load factors, building height, national stan...

PVC Plastic Extrusions

Be-Plas Hygienic Walls & Ceilings Ltd
These PVC extrusions are the final piece in your hygienic cladding systems and are designed to be used in conjunction with our Beplas hygienic wall cladding, covering edges and giving your walls an attractive and seamless finish. This could be at the edges of ...

FPA - Precast Panel Anchors

HALFEN panel anchors make quick and easy work of installing a concrete facade panel to a concrete or steel structural frame. The officially approved system consists of a mounting element that is cast into the facade panel, an installation element consisting of...

SUK - Sub structure

Standard Halfen Sub structure systems typically consist of a series of vertical rails hung from the structure to which wall panel support and restraint brackets are fixed. The vertical rails are fixed back to the structure at comparatively large spacings, redu...

Atlas Masonry Support

ACS Stainless
Atlas: The next generation of masonry support. Off-the-shelf masonry support for modern construction....

HCW Curtain Wall System

The HALFEN HCW Curtain Wall System is used to fix curtain wall façade elements quickly, securely and economically to the main structure of a building. Different brackets are available which permit either assembly on the top or on the edge of concrete slabs. ...