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webercem spray RS - Concrete Repair

Saint-Gobain Weber
webercem spray RS is a ready-to-use, polymer-modified, dry-sprayed concrete able to achieve early set, ideal for permanent concrete repairs where time constraints demand early strength gain. The material contains inert limestone aggregates, dust suppressants a...

webercem HB40 - Concrete Repair

Saint-Gobain Weber
A single-component, polymer-modified, high-build cementitious mortar, designed for structural concrete repairs. It requires only the addition of clean water to produce a lightweight, low-permeability, high-strength mortar for both soffit and vertical repair si...

webercem spray DS - Concrete Repair

Saint-Gobain Weber
webercem spray DS is a pre-bagged, ready-to-use, polymer-modified, cement based structural concrete. It contains graded inert limestone aggregates and dust suppressants. The formulation has been designed specially for dry process spray application to give high...

webercem spray DSF - Concrete Repair

Saint-Gobain Weber
webercem spray DSF is a ready-to-use, polymer-modified, cement-based concrete mix. It contains inert limestone aggregates and dust suppressants. The formulation has been designed specially for dry process spray application to give high early strength, reduced ...

webercem bondcoat - Concrete Repair

Saint-Gobain Weber
webercem bondcoat is a single-component polmer-modified, cementitious bonding aid. It requires only the addition of clean water to produce a bonding slurry for webercem HB30, webercem HB40 and webercem lightweight mortars. This product has been formulated ...

Epojet LV - Concrete Repair Materials

Mapei UK
Two component low viscosity epoxy resin for injection. Epojet LV is used to attribute the monolithic nature to cracked structures and for bonding and structural strengthening of concrete and masonry elements by low pressure and/or at atmosphere pressure inject...

Belzona 4154 (Bulkfill Resin)

Belzona Polymerics Ltd
Belzona 4154 is a 2-part, multi-purpose epoxy based repair resin suitable for the rebuilding of concrete and stonework damaged by impact, vibration, chemicals, and environmental attack. Easily combined with locally sourced aggregates, Belzona 4154 provides a h...

Belzona 4111 (Magma-Quartz) 

Belzona Polymerics Ltd
A fast curing, 3-part epoxy repair composite designed for repair, resurfacing and protection of concrete and stone. This material provides outstanding chemical and abrasion resistance and protection from environmental attack, simplifying maintenance procedures...

Belzona 4141 (Magma-Build) 

Belzona Polymerics Ltd
A lightweight epoxy repair composite for rebuilding damaged vertical and overhead concrete and masonry surfaces. This high-build concrete repair material can be applied up to 12.7 cm (5 inches) thick on vertical surfaces and up to 7.6 cm (3 inches) thick on ov...

Rapid Repair Mortar

Norcros Adhesives
Norcros Rapid Repair Mortar is a cement-based rapid setting mortar designed to repair concrete/ cement: sand screed floors and cement: sand render walls internally and externally. The mixed mortar has a pot life of around 25 minutes and dries in 1 to 1½ hours...
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Did you know that the most common Material(s) for products within the Concrete Repair Materials category are concrete , resin and stone?'

Belzona 4131 (Magma-Screed)

Belzona Polymerics Ltd
A non-porous, 2-part epoxy repair composite designed for resurfacing and protecting large areas of concrete, stone and many other surfaces. This solvent free material provides excellent chemical and abrasion resistance and protection from impact and environme...


Koster Aquatecnic
Broadly applicable solvent-free PU injection resin for dry and water bearing cracks. The specialty: KÖSTER 2 IN 1 forms an elastic foam when coming into contact with water which pushes the water out of the crack. If no water is present the material forms an e...

Patchfast - Concrete Repair Mortar

For fast setting permanent concrete repairs, the high strength properties of Patchfast epoxy mortar are invaluable. Supplied in a handy kit form, the system is quick and easy to use, with excellent resistance to forklift traffic and chemical attack. Patchfast ...

KOSTER 1C Injection Pump

Koster Aquatecnic
Electrical 1C injection pump for injecting of cracks and voids. It is suitable for the injection of all KÖSTER injection materials (foams and resins). Operating pressure can be adjusted from 0 - 200 bar. The maximum delivery rate is approx. 2.2 l / min....


Easy-Trim Roofing & Construction Ltd
A moisture tolerant, cold applied waterproofing coating reinforced with a high concentrate of glass fibres. An effective and economical solution for the repair of concrete, fibre cement, metal, felt, mastic, asphalt and bitumen coated roofs. With no re...