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Important criteria to consider when specifying Cleaning Chemicals include; Colour(s), Type and Features.

Multisolve - Multi-purpose Solvent

MULTISOLVE is a safe and fast multipurpose solvent degreaser that leaves no oily film. MULTISOLVE is a 100% aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent that contains no recycled solvents. MULTISOLVE is safe to use on most plastics as well as on painted surfaces, vinyl and g...

Bona Deep Clean System

Salisbury Hardwood Flooring
Wooden floors are exposed to everyday wear and tear, leading to tired and dull surfaces. Heavy foot traffic, excessive grit and stains all affect the condition of your floor as well as the appearance and freshness of your premises. Salisbury Hardwood Flooring...

Innosoft B570

A special deep cleaner that cleans and removes contamination such as oxides and rust from stainless steel surfaces in a single operation....

Reynawash Color

Colour cleaner for periodical application and maintenance. For all surfaces, including Coatex surfaces, powder coated and film-laminated frames, as well as the glass surfaces. Accurate and easy dosage. Solvent free. Ph-neutral....

CLEAN - Cleaning Chemicals

Suitable for the routine cleaning of the following surfaces: - Sealed parquet/hardwood floors - Sealed cork floors - Oiled and waxed parquet/hardwood floors - Oiled or sealed engineered boards - Linoleum - PVC - Natural and synthetic stone floors. Rout...

Epo Clean - Cleaning Chemicals

For removal of dry, emulsified, synthetic resin smears which remain after washing off epoxy resin grout materials on ceramics. Suitable for/ on: Glazed, unglazed and structured large and small format tiles. Benefits: - Removes smearing of dried resin from l...

Innoprotect B580

This product has a cleaning action and also passivates the surface to minimise further corrosion. It is used by diluting 400ml to 1 litre of cold water....

Spa-Clean - Cleaning Chemicals

Above All
Used for the maintenance cleaning of steel, plastic and aluminium suspended ceilings. In common with other Above All treatments Spa-Clean will not adversely affect fire rating or acoustic value....


Water-based cleaning solution that removes stubborn soiling exceptionally well and therefore provides excellent preparation for the following initial care treatment. Especially suitable for the surface treatment of: - sealed wood and parquet flooring - PVC ...


For frequent cleaning of lacquered wooden surfaces. Spray is ready for use. Concentrate to be diluted for large areas. - Cleans, disinfects and deodourises in one operation. Can be diluted for large areas. - Fresh citrus fragrance. - Effective against M.R.S.A ...
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Did you know that the most common Features for products within the Cleaning Chemicals category are Solvent free , 100% aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent and Accurate and easy dosage?'

Reynawash Ano

Adds new gloss to older profiles. Cream cleaner for periodical application. For all anodized aluminium surfaces. Solvent free....

MB ActiveCleaner 3 x 1 Litre

The MicroBiological MB ActiveCleaner is the perfect accompaniment to Urimat Waterless Urinals. It not only prevents “bad-bacteria” from developing, but it also contains special biological ingredients, which gently treats the bowls surface. It features exce...

Lithofin BERO

Lithofin BERO removes rust and rust discolouration and is also suitable for removing cement residues from iron containing natural stones. Suitable for acid resistant hard stones. ...

Lithofin Easy-Care

For maintenance of all flooring surfaces; colours will become stronger with regular use making floors more attractive. Suitable for surfaces such as all ceramic tiles, terracotta, quarry tiles and all types of stone, plastics etc. For gentle cleaning and maint...


Fila Surface Care Products Limited (UK)
Thoroughly cleans varnished, laminated and wax or oil treated parquet floors. Cleans all interior wooden surfaces: tables, doors, furniture Wood...

Reynafinish 60

Cleaner/degreaser that removes ‘fresh’ adhesives from corner angles and protection foil residue, wax pencil and rubber trace marks, pur foam, sealants, tar…...

Lithofin KF Grout Cleaner

Restores the colour and appearance of grout lines around ceramic, porcelain and quarry tiles. Removes grease, oil and dirt deposits from joints in kitchens and bathrooms and leaves them hygienically clean and fresh. ...

Epo Wash - Cleaning Chemicals

To improve the cleaning results of wash-water when washing off freshly applied epoxy resin grout. Suitable for large and small format tiles with glazed, unglazed and textured surfaces. Resin streaks are reduced. Suitable for/ on: - Codex Epo Tix. - Codex Epo ...

Lithofin TC Classic-Wax

2nd step of the CLASSIC method: For the treatment of primed surfaces. Forms an easy to polish, wear-resistant wax layer, which helps the patina develop. Can be used for future touch-up work. For indoor use only. ...


Fila Surface Care Products Limited (UK)
Removes residues of silicone, glue, adhesive tape, old labels and polyurethane foam. Also effective for removing candle wax, resin and greasy/oily stains in general. It is quick and handy to apply with the included spatula. ...
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Did you know that the most common Colour(s) for products within the Cleaning Chemicals category are Clear , natural and stone?'

Lithofin Wax-Off

Dissolves and removes layers of wax, sealants, tar, oil, paint, lacquer and glue and allows them to be removed with water. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use on solvent resistant surfaces. ...