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Multisolve - Multi-purpose Solvent

MULTISOLVE is a safe and fast multipurpose solvent degreaser that leaves no oily film. MULTISOLVE is a 100% aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent that contains no recycled solvents. MULTISOLVE is safe to use on most plastics as well as on painted surfaces, vinyl and g...

Roxil Wood & Patio Cleaner

Safeguard Europe
Roxil Wood & Patio Cleaner is a liquid-based cleaner for exterior surfaces such as decking, fencing, sheds, patios and paved surfaces. It is an effective non-destructive alternative to acid-cleaning or pressure washing for any exterior surface. Soft Washing f...

Roxil Patio Cream

Safeguard Europe
Roxil Patio Cream is a silicone cream emulsion that weatherproofs patios and paved surfaces for 10+ years with a single coat. The powerful cream bonds with the patio or paving slab surface and deposits a locked-in biocide that significantly reduces surface m...

easy-off Anti-Graffiti Removal Wipes

Urban Hygiene Ltd
Strip paint and ink based graffiti media instantly with easy-off graffiti removal wipes. Each pouch contains 15 super tough and absorbent safe graffiti wipes all saturated with our easy-off safe graffiti remover. These non-harmful, alcohol-free anti-graffiti c...

WallGard Graffiti BARRIER

Mapei UK
Reversible graffiti-resistant protective barrier for all surfaces. WallGard Graffiti Barrier is recommended for protecting marble, granite or natural stone facings against graffiti drawn with spray-paint, crayons, markers, etc. WallGard Graffiti Barrier is al...

easy-off Safe Graffiti Remover Liquid

Urban Hygiene Ltd
easy-off safe graffiti remover is our #1 all purpose graffiti removal product. Capable of removing graffiti from around 80% of all porous substrates and 100% of non-porous surfaces, easy-off graffiti removal liquid penetrates deep into ink, spray paint and dye...


Sovereign Chemicals Ltd
Scrub Out Black Mould is a fungicidal cleaner; containing a powerful blend of biocide and detergent to eradicate mould on internal surfaces. Scrub Out Black Mould is used to sterilise mould-infected surfaces before redecorating. It may also be used as a maint...

Eco Safe Plastic and Glass Cleaner

Urban Hygiene Ltd
Eco Plastic and Glass Cleaner is a professional A+ grade glass cleaner liquid with all the Eco credentials you’re looking for. Strictly not tested on animals and 100% biodegradable this solvent free plastic and glass cleaning liquid cuts effortlessly through...


Sovereign Chemicals Ltd
A high quality acrylic emulsion paint containing a powerful fungicide, ideal for use in Kitchens and Bathrooms where the effects of condensation are more prevalent. Suitable for walls and ceilings where mould growth is a problem. Fully washable and guaranteed...

Bona Deep Clean System

Salisbury Hardwood Flooring
Wooden floors are exposed to everyday wear and tear, leading to tired and dull surfaces. Heavy foot traffic, excessive grit and stains all affect the condition of your floor as well as the appearance and freshness of your premises. Salisbury Hardwood Flooring...
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Did you know that the most common Colour(s) for products within the Cleaning Materials category are Clear , white and Magnolia?'


Sovereign Chemicals Ltd
This solution contains a powerful biocide that eradicates black mould, mildew, moss and algae on internal surfaces prior to decoration. Form Supplied: Liquid concentrate Packaging: 500ml concentrate makes 5 litres Colour Range: Clear HSE No': 4593 Contain...

easy-off Safe Graffiti Remover Sprays

Urban Hygiene Ltd
easy-off Safe Graffiti Remover Sprays clean 100% of unwanted graffiti from vandalised non-porous surfaces and are effective at removing graffiti from around 80% of porous surfaces too. easy-off is our #1 graffiti removal product for exactly this reason and is ...

easy-off Safe Clean Graffiti Removal Kit

Urban Hygiene Ltd
easy-off safe graffiti removal kits are perfect for individuals, young or old, looking to tackle graffiti vandalism in their neighbourhood. Chosen by community groups and often issued to members of the general public, school pupils or Scout Groups, these fully...

Nu-Cryl AG Extra

Hydron Protective Coatings Ltd
It should be applied by low pressure spray or by brush/roller. Advantages: It will not noticeably change the appearance of the substrate. Due to its excellent stain resistant and water repellent qualities, dirt, pollution, and even graffiti can be remov...

Traffic Film Remover Max Safe TFR

Urban Hygiene Ltd
Tough on road film, green algae and grease but environmentally considerate and user-friendly, our Max Safe TFR – Traffic Film Remover was developed for use on all roadside and trackside surfaces including road signs, street cabinets and all types of transpor...

Ecologic Natural Paint Remover

ECOlogic Remover is a completely safe, paste/fluid, pH-neutral paint remover that is free of any acid, caustic soda, dangerous solvents (as N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone NMP), paraffin or preservatives. It is suitable for removing most kinds of paint in one step from...

Nu-Cryl AG Render Coat

Hydron Protective Coatings Ltd
Nu-Cryl A.G. Render Coat is a unique, clear, hydrophobic impregnation coating system suitable for application to self coloured render. Nu-Cryl A.G Rendercoat will not noticeably change the appearance of the substrate. Due to its excellent stain and water proof...


Sovereign Chemicals Ltd
Sovereign Fungi-Chek AntiCon is a biocidal paint that also reduces surface condensation. AntiCon can be used on internal walls, ceilings, pipework and metals to provide protection from fungi and mould growth. Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, walls and ceilings a...

Toolclean Spraygun Wash & Tool Cleaner

Urban Hygiene Ltd
Toolclean Paint Spray Equipment and Tool Cleaner keeps the tools of your trade in tip-top condition ensuring you always deliver the optimum finish. Safe to use Toolclean can be easily run through spray lines, guns, tips and pots to remove paint residue includi...

Clean & Protect 4 in1 Cleaner Concentrate

Urban Hygiene Ltd
Clean & Protect concentrated cleaner liquid is so incredibly versatile we believe it’s the only cleaning product you’ll need. Paramagnetic Clean & Protect Concentrate can be diluted between 50% and 1%. At it’s strongest this amazing cleaning agent can re...
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Did you know that the most common Features for products within the Cleaning Materials category are Solvent free , 100% aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent and Accurate and easy dosage?'

Powerful Cleaner

Blanchon UK Ltd
Removes stubborn stains from oiled floors, which could not be removed by commonly used cleaning agents. Powerful Cleaner thoroughly cleans the toughest stains and dirt formed on all oiled surfaces. Intensive degreasing agent that removes fat and highly overl...