Edging Bricks

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    Tegula Kerb Edging

    The versatility of Tegula Kerbs is one of the reasons why it is the most popular product from Marshalls Kerb range. With two different colours and radials and returns available, Tegula Kerbs can be used for a variety of different projects. Tegula Kerbs have ...

    Flexible Edging Plank Brown 18mm x 140mm x 3m

    Filcris Ltd
    The thinnest and most flexible solid recycled plastic plank on the market which makes it excellent edging board due to its flexibilty. For use as a flexible edging plank - can be used to edge paths, beds and lawns. Tough enough to withstand mower blades but e...

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    Keykerb Bullnosed Driveway Kerbs

    Keykerb Bullnosed provides a smooth, rounded finish to any driveway style and property type. The Keykerb Bullnose is available in four options: Standard, Radial Block, 90o Angle Internal and 90o Angle, in two different colours to fulfil every option. Keykerb B...

    Edging Bricks Building Products

    Brickwork used to define or outline a given space or area.
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