Coping Bricks

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    Coping Stones

    Eurodec Promenade Tiles Ltd
    Manufactured from high strength concrete with a smooth finish. Designed with drip grooves located on the underside to channel rainwater away from the wall. ...

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    Apex Brick Copings

    CD Stone Products
    298mm x 150/50mm x 65mm & 210mm x 120/45mm x 65mm Half Round Copings 315mm x 155mm x 76mm 220mm x 110mm x 65mm 310mm x 160mm x 65mm 233mm x 115mm x 145mm Large Double Cant Coping 435mm x 220mm x 100mm...

    Coping Bricks Building Products

    Brickwork that has its end shaped to fit together with a molding and that is laid sideways at the top of a wall.
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