Air Bricks & Cavity Ventilation

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    Internal Plastic Grilles

    Alumasc Timloc Building Products
    Internal white plastic grill and louvre vents for sustaining airflow and reducing drafts • available in 6x3", 9x3", 9x6" and 9x9" sizes • to cover the inner opening on through walll cavity sleeve ventilators. All grilles, including the adjustable (hit & mi...

    PUFV Rytons Periscope

    Rytons Building Products Ltd
    PUFV – Rytons Periscope® Underfloor Ventilator Underfloor ventilation system for block and beam and timber floors. Prevents damage by condensation. Alleviates the build-up of dangerous gases. Expands up to 5 brick courses. Use with Rytons Multifix® Air Br...

    G930 Air Brick

    Manthorpe Building Products Ltd
    A combination airbrick manufactured from injection moulded polypropylene in a range of colours and available with compatible cavity sleeves and underfloor ventilation products. The airbrick incorporates a front grill, with evenly spaced openings sized to prev...


    The new LookRyt AirCore is a permanent circular super acoustic (sound attenuating) wall ventilator suitable for new build and refurbishment situations. This super acoustic ventilatior can provide soundproofing up to 50 dB (Dn,e,w) and up to 8500mm² EA. LookRy...

    G950 Weep Vent

    Manthorpe Building Products Ltd
    Injection moulded polypropylene weep vents, generally used to drain lintels trays, cavity trays and to provide ventilation in cavity walls. The vents have a baffled grill to prevent the ingress of driving wind and rain and incorporate an insect grill and drip...

    TCL20000 Rytons 9x9 Telescopic AirLiner

    Rytons Building Products Ltd
    TCL20000 – Rytons 9×9 Telescopic AirLiner® Rigid telescopic cavity liner. Contains a system of internal baffles to reduce light and draughts. External water baffles prevent transfer of water across the cavity. Use with a configuration of 3no. Rytons Multi...

    Eaves Comb Filler 1m - 1136

    Alumasc Timloc Building Products
    Easy to install eaves comb filler that effectively prevents the entry of birds and rodents beneath profiled roof tiles. Supplied in 1 metre lengths....

    Cavibrick high Performance Air-brick

    Cavity Trays
    Manufactured to brick dimensions, the cavibrick promotes a high air throughput, via a front louvred grille. The louvres are proportioned to maximise performance whilst contouring the air to challenge throughdraughts. The louvres are also spaced to comply wi...

    REG12 Air Brick

    Cast Iron Air Brick Company
    Regency Scroll Air Brick painted black. Can be used in conjunction with a similar sized Heritage grille (item HER126) on internal walls or stacked in pairs, triples etc to make much larger vents. Used in larger period properties, previous customers include R...

    TL18FIRE - Rytons 9x6 Intumescent RytBlock

    Rytons Building Products Ltd
    TL18FIRE – Rytons 9×6 Intumescent RytBlock •Heavy duty intumescent grille for walls and ducts. •Tested in accordance with BS476 Parts 20 and 22. •In the event of a fire the slats fuse together and give a complete seal in 2 minutes. •Gives 3 hours p...

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    Did you know that the Width for products within the Air Bricks & Cavity Ventilation category, can range from 22 mm to 360 mm and the average is 209 mm?

    Type OFV-10 Over Fascia Ventilator

    Cavity Trays
    Over Fascia Ventilators are suitable for new and refurbishment work. They eliminate the need for visible soffit ventilation and can be installed in non-soffit locations. The Type OFV -10 is shaped to permit easy fixing to the top of the fascia board. It has an...


    Cavalok Building Products Ltd
    Window ventilation with a slimline profile featuring a scotia-moulded front, and is compatible with most window systems (70 mm wide maximum). Eliminating the need for through-frame ventilation. Maximizes airflow performance and minimizes fabrication and fitti...

    MFAB96 Rytons 9x6 Multifix

    Rytons Building Products Ltd
    MFAB96 – Rytons 9×6 Multifix® Air Brick Robust interlocking 9×6 air brick. Textured finish maintains aesthetic appearance. Use with Rytons 9×6 Telescopic AirLiner® (TCL18000) and 9×6 Acoustic AirLiner® (TAL8000). U.V. stabilised to slow down the effe...

    Air Bricks & Cavity Ventilation Building Products

    Bricks which are manufactured with holes in them to allow the flow of air under the floor of buildings that have suspended floors.
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