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    Architectural Cladding

    GRC is an ideal facade cladding material and it's principle use throughout the world is in this application. Unlike rain screen panel cladding systems our GRC can easily be moulded into virtually and shape or size allowing the ultimate in architectural express...


    What is Ibex? Ibex is a permanent ‘modular’ building system consisting of modules that are delivered to you pre-assembled and ready for final finishing on site. It can be used as a prestige ‘stand alone’ modular building system but can equally be com...

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    Fresh Sawn Structural Timber

    English Woodlands Timber Ltd
    Structural timber has been a constant feature of the English architectural landscape, whether whether single beams and lintels or full frames. Timber framed buildings are a beautiful, popular, economic and speedy method of construction for homes, garages, of...

    Air Dried Structural Timber

    English Woodlands Timber Ltd
    There are some situations where green Oak is not advisable and for those times we keep Air Dried Oak structural timber. These are standard(ish) sections available from stock in original drying dimensions. These stock sections can be cut to size to meet your ex...

    Natural Zinc Sheet (NATUREL)

    SIG Zinc & Copper
    Beautiful, smooth rolled titanium zinc that over the course of time develops a unique charm by the progressive patination of roof and faade cladding. ...

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    Kiln Dried Square Edge Timber Packs

    English Woodlands Timber Ltd
    In kiln dried square edge the available range is wide and mouthwateringly plentiful. All thicknesses, in mixed widths, wide widths, fixed widths, character, prime or super prime grades of Oak, prime in most other species with the usual grade suspects for the ...


    Elliott is a trusted partner to the healthcare sector providing innovative, high quality design and build solutions, clearly focused on meeting the needs of customers. We have significant experience of providing for a range of healthcare needs including hospit...

    Architectural Dressings

    Our architectural dressings are used by many of the countries leading house builders and developers. Virtually identical in finish and appearance to both cast and natural stone our GRC products offer the additional benefits of being lightweight with far strong...

    Architectural & Structural Metal Fabrication

    J & J Carter
    Our in-house metal fabrication facility handles aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel. The qualified and experienced staff in our 7000 square feet workshop are capable of handling most size projects, from very light weight products to heavy gauge structura...

    Coadecast - Concrete

    Cast stone has come a long way since Mrs Coade first manufactured imitation stone in the 1700s. Originally only used on the most prestigious properties. The material is now a mainstream building material specified and used by most of the UK's leading architect...
    Did you know that the most common Colour(s) for products within the Building Systems category are Black , brown and zinc?'

    Crosswall Frames

    Creagh Concrete Products Ltd
    Crosswall is a generic method of building construction using a series of division or party walls which transfer the floor loads through the building to foundation or transfer slab level. The system allows either concrete perimeter wall infill or lightweight c...

    Pre-Weathered Black (NOIR)

    SIG Zinc & Copper
    The uniform black surface of NedZink NOIR originates after a chemical surface treatment following the milling process....

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    External Tanking Membrane - Newton HydroBond

    Newton Waterproofing Systems
    Newton HydroBond is a very high performance composite sheet membrane that features a locking fleece to one side and a polymer hydrophilic coating to the other. Key Benefits: Full mechanical bond to concrete pr...

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    Flat Pack Solutions

    Planet Platforms
    Servicing customers with large manufactured products is difficult when they are at the opposite end of the country. Supplying them into another country and the task becomes even more challenging. With a number of Planet Platforms customers meeting these very ...

    Vision Range – Perforated Metal

    Ash & Lacy Perforators Ltd
    Vision Range – Perforated Metal Vision is a unique collection of perforated and decorative materials, chosen to inspire the architectural specifier; a range of materials, patterns and finishes which allow designs for the real world to come to life. The Visio...

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    Precast Concrete Columns and Beams

    Creagh Concrete Products Ltd
    Creagh Concrete manufactures Precast Columns and Beams as part of a total precast frame solution or as part of hybrid in situ concrete schemes. The offsite manufacture reduces site programme times. Various profiles of beams and columns can be manufactured to ...

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    GRC has numerous applications in the civil engineering, rail and water industries. These include: • Permanent formwork in corrugated and flat format. • Cable channelling • Water channelling and sampling chambers • Rail and tram track infill panel...

    CGL Wallplank System

    CGL Systems Ltd
    CGL’s “Wallplank” system is a fully drained and ventilated façade which forms the external aesthetic element of a multi-layer wall. The panels are supported by the CS1 extruded aluminium grid which offers variety of zone widths and excellent adjustabili...

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    Wood Wool Boards

    Calch Ty-Mawr Lime
    Ty-Mawr Wood Wool Boards have been used in buildings for many decades and have proved to be a very popular product as a lime carrier over the 10 years in which we have been promoting and selling them for use with our products. They are strands of wood bound to...

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    Coffered - Vaulted Slabs

    Creagh Concrete Products Ltd
    Creagh Concrete manufactures high quality precast concrete coffer ceiling units. These exposed precast ceilings provide an attractive architectural look to the interior of the building and are typically used for offices, airports, libraries and other high spec...

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    Did you know that the most common Material(s) for products within the Building Systems category are fabric , Additives and fabricated?'

    Specialist tailored facade solutions

    Lindner AG
    The perfect building facade is much more than just a shell. It encompasses different technologies and materials to create an intelligent solution that offers both an aesthetically pleasing appearance and outstanding performance. Lindner Facades is the success...

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