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Carl F Groupco Ltd
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Folding Openers

by Carl F Groupco Ltd

Folding Openers

by Carl F Groupco Ltd

The two standard types of folding opener give a window sash movement of 150mm (Type 110 & 112). If a greater window opening is required then an extended folding opener is available, giving sash movement of 315mm. If a smaller opening is required a shorter version is available giving a shash movement of 100mm (Type 18) which is ideally suited to Top Swing and Pivot windows.
Type 100: For high level pole operation
The operating eye remains inside of the building making it easier to operate with a pole. Hand operation is not recommended due to the geometry of the opener, there is a higher risk that fingers can become trapped.
Type 112: For low level hand operation
The operating eye and tandem bar do not interfere with the internal cill boards. The position of its operating eye gives an extended arc of operation making it ideal for hand operation.
Extended Folding Openers: For high level pole operation
The operation of extended folding openers is easiest when linked with a tandem bar. If used singularly a hand operator must be uesd. When the extended opener is closed the tandem eye drops below the level of the sash, meaning that there is a risk of fingers becoming trapped if a tandem bar or hand operator is not used.
Type 18: For low level hand operation with sash movement of 100mm
Ideally suited for use on top swing and pivot windows fitted with restrictors due to the smaller sash movement of 100mm, compared with Type 112. The folding opener will fully engage before the hinge restrictor is reached.
Technical Information:
Minimum sash height:
When the sash is hung on friction stays: 400mm
When the sash is hung on butt hinges: 250mm
Folding openers must be positioned between 100mm and 200mm from the sash corners.
The maximum distance between folding openers should not exceed 900mm
Qty required:
X = 0 - 400mm 1 Opener
X = 401 - 900mm 2 Openers
X = 901 - 1800mm 3 Openers
X = 1801 - 2700mm 4 Openers
X = 2701mm + Contact Carl F Groupco technical department
Tandem Bar Calculator:
Formulae for tandem bar lengths:
x = sash width - 300 (round up or down to the nearest 100mm)
Tandem Eyes
Pole operation of linked folding openers will require a tandem eye. The tandem eye should be fitted centrally in the case of two openers, or immediately to the side of the central opener in the case of three openers. There are three tandem eye designs dependent upon use:
260 Tandem Eye for use with Type 110 folding opener
Operated with a small boss pole operator, this is the best design to suit high level windows with a cill board.
262 Tandem Eye for use with Type 112 folding opener
Where an extended arc is required. Whilst the 112 folding opener is not ideal for pole operation, there may be applications where a tandem eye is required i.e. just out of reach. The 262 tandem eye is operated with a large boss operator.
263 Tandem Eye for use with Type 110 opener
To give an extended arc. It is operated with a small boss pole operator. If the folding opener is to be used at high level with a cill board, the required clearance must be accounted for.
Available in 100mm increments between 400mm and 1000mm. Other sizes available to order.
Pole operator: standard length of 1400mm with other sizes in increments of 100mm to order.
Vent packers: To accommodate intermediate sizes. 3 sizes are available: 2mm and 3mm silver aluminium and 5mm black plastic.
Locking and releaseable: Available for special order
Foldaslide: option available on selected products for special order
RAL9910: (Hipca White) is available to special order

Folding Openers

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Specification Details for Folding Openers

Please note that these product properties are not a replacement for the manufacturer's literature and it is always recommended that Carl F Groupco Ltd is consulted before specifying.


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