Bri-Tek constantly utilizes technologies that push the boundaries to achieve quality, innovative and highly energy efficient LED products. Delivering a sound business case with value and real CO2 reductions for customers is a key component of what we offer. As a result of this continued effort to lead from the front lines, Bri-Tek has established one of the UK's widest ranges of LED lighting solutions on the market.

Bri-Tek maintains high quality and efficiency of service in the LED lighting sector while delivering true value and solid performance standards in its low energy-long life LED lighting products.

Find us at:

Unit G10, Hartford House, Weston Street
P: 0161 8500905

Britek products

LED Street Lighting image
LED Street Lighting Britek
HB70SA300C image
HB70SA300C Britek
HB70SA150C image
HB70SA150C Britek
HB120SA60C image
HB120SA60C Britek
HB45SA100C image
HB45SA100C Britek
Clear Panel Light 36W image
Clear Panel Light 36W Britek
Emergency Running Man image
Emergency Running Man Britek

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