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A Proctor Group
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Procheck 300

by A Proctor Group

Procheck 300

by A Proctor Group

A lightweight, reinforced, polyethylene, vapour control layer for use within roof and wall constructions to prevent warm, moist air escaping from inside the building and condensing within the insulation. The woven, polypropylene, multifilament scrim reinforcement provides good resistance to tears and punctures.

Vapour Resistance-336MNs/g




Attention to detail: All Vapour Control Layers (VCLs) need to be well-sealed

continuous layers. Care should be taken to seal all laps, penetrations, perimeters,

junctions, and accidental punctures. Ensure substrate surfaces are as clean, dry and dustfree

as possible before beginning installation.

Weather Conditions: Securing lightweight membranes in windy conditions may result in

a poor-quality installation. Appropriate precautions should be taken during installation.

Accessories: Probond Butyl Tape and Profoil Tape.

Mechanical Fixings: Place fixings at 100-150mm centres. If using blown insulation, reduce

fixing centres to 50-100mm.

Penetrations/Openings: VCLs should be cut and neatly formed around openings

and penetrations. The membrane should be made air- and vapour-tight by sealing the

opening with Profoil Tape.

Puncture Damage: For through-membrane punctures, apply a continuous bead of

Probond Butyl Tape around the damaged area and place a generous patch of membrane

over the puncture extending at least 150mm beyond the puncture edge. For minor

scuff-type damage of less than 25mm, Profoil Tape may be used alone to protect the

area without a patch.

Delivery & Site Handling: Rolls are supplied to site with a label clearly identifying

product name and grade. Rolls should be stored flat or upright on a clean, level surface

and kept under cover

Procheck 300

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Specification Details for Procheck 300 (Vapour Barriers)

Please note that these product properties are not a replacement for the manufacturer's literature and it is always recommended that A Proctor Group is consulted before specifying.


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