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Facadeshield UV

by A Proctor Group

Facadeshield UV

by A Proctor Group

FaƧadeshield UV is designed specifically to ensure the building fabric maintains good water resistance and breathability behind open jointed cladding.

Leading research has culminated in a non woven breathable membrane that combines exceptional water resistance and UV resistance with the aesthetically pleasing dark colour to provide a ā€œshadowā€ appearance within open rainscreen faƧades.

FaƧadeshield UV enhances the air tightness of the building whilst reducing the risk of condensation due to itsā€™ high vapour permeability, yet airtight fabric. The product comes with the reassurance of a CE Mark showing the productā€™s fitness for purpose in the faƧade application, making it the obvious choice behind open jointed faƧades.

To protect the membrane from mechanical damage, the joint openings in the faƧade covering have to be less than 50% of the area, and maximum 50mm wide*.


Open jointed faƧades


Easy to cut


Exceptional UV resistance

Air tight yet highly vapour permeable

Highly water resistant

Robust with good tear resistance and tensile strength


FaƧadeshield UV is fixed to the supporting construction

mechanically with staples or similar. FaƧadeshield UV must

be laid vertically from top to bottom or horizontally with a

minimum overlap of 100 mm. Use FaƧadeshield tape when

joining together lengths of FaƧadeshield UV or for other

joints where an air tight seal is required. The membrane

must be free from dust and grease and the substrates

must be dry and stable. Apply pressure by hand or roller

to ensure a good bond. The acrylate adhesive used does

not contain resins or other additives which could cause the

adhesive film to become brittle and therefore this product

is extremely resistant to ageing. Battens / back ventilation

must be provided between the FaƧadeshield UV and the

external faƧade covering.

Facadeshield UV

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Specification Details for Facadeshield UV (External Wall Components)

Please note that these product properties are not a replacement for the manufacturer's literature and it is always recommended that A Proctor Group is consulted before specifying.


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